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Nvidia’s excellent first quarter buoyed by gaming, automotive wins, and data centers

Posted on 05/13 22:04 in Shows | 0

3 billion, with strong gains in gaming, data centers, and the automotive market.Reportable segment revenue reflects Nvidia’s chosen method of grouping its businesses (Tegra, GPU, Other).

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Nvidia’s new GTX 1070 freezes out Fury, trashes Titan X

Posted on 05/31 22:57 in Shows | 0

Memory bandwidth is 256GB/s, which puts the new GTX 1070 in between the older GTX 980 (224GB/s) and the 980 Ti (336GB/s).As expected, this positions the GTX 1070 as a cut-down version of the GTX 1080, though hopefully without any of the issues that dogged the GTX 970’s memory configuration.

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Report: Nvidia has settled class-action lawsuit over the GTX 970’s 3.5GB memory issue

Posted on 07/29 13:43 in Shows | 0

When Nvidia launched the GTX 970 and 980 back in the fall of 2014, Maxwell quickly rose to prominence thanks to strong performance and excellent power efficiency.Early reviews showed good results on both cards, but deeper dives into the GTX 970 post-launch turned up troubling behavior: The card strongly preferred to limit its available memory to 3.

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The great GPU bait-and-switch of summer 2016: AMD, Nvidia official MSRPs don’t reflect real-world prices

Posted on 09/06 17:10 in Shows | 0

More than three months after Nvidia officially kicked off the 14nm refresh cycle, GPU prices still running hot.The RX 470 is supposed to sell for $179; the least expensive RX 470 we found was $199, which is where the RX 480 4GB is supposed to sit.

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Nvidia's New 'GeForce Now' GTX 1080 Game-Streaming Service Isn't Cheap

Posted on 01/05 20:59 in Deals | 0

Nvidia revealed its new and improved GeForce Now PC game-streaming service during its CES 2017 keynote last, GOG, and Uplay, and play games you already own.

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Nvidia's New GTX 1080 With 11Gbps G5X Memory Tested: How Much Faster Is it?

Posted on 06/13 11:53 in Deals | 0

The upgrade is in the form of its next-gen G5X VRAM, which first appeared on the GTX 1080 Ti, but now Nvidia is dishing out this faster memory to the GTX 1080 and GTX 1060 too.Now, you can buy GTX 1080's and GTX 1060's with the next-gen memory that offers 11Gbps bandwidth thanks to a speed boost from 1.

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