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An autonomous bot on Thingiverse is remixing objects into bizarre, artistic creations

Posted on 03/10 18:46 in Shows | 0

That’s not the case with the 300 or so items created by Shiv Integer.If you need an “Extruder in place of British Hubles” or a lovely “Semi-compatible Wine strapped to a resealable,” Shiv Integer has you covered.

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How to print your Minecraft World

Posted on 05/17 15:25 in More | 0

Here is a way for you to 3d print your Minecraft world!Ever created something in Minecraft that you thought would be super awesome to have in real life?

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Lasers and nanoparticles combine to allow metalic 3D printing in midair

Posted on 05/18 22:55 in Shows | 0

For one, almost all 3D printers use plastic as the medium, and that plastic needs to be supported during the printing process.An experimental printer developed by Harvard’s Wyss Institute and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) uses nanoparticles and lasers to make metallic 3D printing feasible in midair.

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Researchers discover how to shape sound in 3D

Posted on 09/27 16:30 in Shows | 0

Now a team of researchers from the Max Planck Institute in Stuttgart, Germany have figured out an inexpensive way to shape sound waves in 3-space, using 3D printing.The team first made a map of the necessary phase shifts: the places and strengths at which they wanted the acoustic waves to interact.

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MIT is 3D printing custom robot bumpers

Posted on 10/05 14:53 in Shows | 0

The team from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) calls this a programmable viscoelastic material (PVM).If you can make custom dampening material, it can be tuned to the specific application.

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Ability 3D promises to let hobbyists print with metal

Posted on 01/05 18:08 in Shows | 0

LAS VEGAS — Printing metal has been one of the holy grails of 3D printing.In February, Ability 3D plans to print an engine cylinder and install it in a working engine.

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3D printing gets a big boost at CES 2017

Posted on 01/10 21:38 in Shows | 0

The CES 3D printer marketplace is a great venue for getting an overview of what’s new and innovative in 3D printing.Unfortunately, industry leader 3D Systems didn’t return this year, but there were plenty of other players — old and new — that showed off what is now possible in printing solid objects.

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Ford tests 3D printing of big car parts

Posted on 03/07 15:21 in Shows | 0

to 3D-print prototype car parts and potentially specialty parts for low-volume cars in the near future.The Stratasys Infinite Build 3D printer, as its name suggests, is capable of building a car part of any size.

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NASA Debuts 3D-Printed Space Chain Mail

Posted on 04/27 18:37 in Shows | 0

So, in a reductionist sense, this new metal fabric is like chain mail, except with stuff attached to it.One side has little square metal plates on all the rings, to provide an almost unbroken surface of metal armor.

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Startup Aims to Make 3D Metal Printing 100 Times Faster

Posted on 07/28 15:43 in Shows | 0

Virtually all 3D printing still uses cheap plastics, which isn’t suitable for long-term use.There was a great deal of mainstream interest in 3D printing a few years back, but that has cooled somewhat.

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New 3D Printers Can Print Materials as Strong as Steel

Posted on 08/28 15:46 in Shows | 0

The cost of 3D printers has come down, but they’re not much more capable than they were when they cost thousands of dollars.The Markforged X3 and X5 printers split the difference with a single-step process that produces parts and tools with a custom plastic-carbon fiber composite.

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NASA 3D Prints First Rocket Part Composed of Two Metals

Posted on 09/22 22:55 in Shows | 0

Using an advanced laser printing method, the agency has produced a bi-metallic rocket igniter that really works.As the name implies, a rocket igniter is used to initiate a rocket engine’s start sequence.

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