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Pioneer Ultra HD Blu-ray burners pack 4K playback, but good luck meeting the PC requirements

Posted on 01/26 22:44 in Shows | 0

Currently, if you want UHD playback, you need to pick up either a dedicated player or an Xbox One S — Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro lacks UHD Blu-ray support, even though the Japanese company was instrumental to the development of Blu-ray itself.They also read CDs, DVDs, BDs, and UHD Blu-ray films.

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The 10 best PS4 Pro game updates

Posted on 01/31 15:39 in Shows | 0

Sony has been laughably bad at keeping users abreast of what to expect from any given release on the PS4 Pro.Instead of a clear message from the source, consumers are often forced to go to sites like Digital Foundry and our sister site IGN to learn more about which games take advantage of the hardware, and what changes are actually being made.

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10 games that deserve a PS4 Pro upgrade

Posted on 02/02 19:22 in Shows | 0

Over the last few months, we’ve seen some really impressive PS4 Pro updates for games both old and new.But for a $400 investment, the PS4 Pro is certainly delivering some fine-looking video games.

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LG will fix shielding on future 5K monitors to prevent router disruption

Posted on 02/03 22:35 in Shows | 0

Earlier this week, we reported on the LG 5K UltraFine monitor’s problems with content when a router was placed near the display.If the router is too close to the monitor, the display will blank, flicker, or fail to display at all.

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One of PS4's most popular games is finally getting PS4 Pro support

Posted on 02/15 12:06 in More | 0

Rocket League will finally be updated to run at 4K on PS4 Pro when a patch releases on February 21, Sony and Psyonix have announced.The game won't run at native 4K, but should look pretty close to the real thing thanks to checkerboard rendering.

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Sony unveils SD cards so fast, they've bumped up against interface speed limits

Posted on 02/23 22:41 in Shows | 0

That standard offers up to 312MB/s of performance, while Sony is claiming 300MB read/write speeds for its new line of SF-G SD cards.The 300MB read speed isn’t particularly impressive, but 300MB/s writes is something altogether different.

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American homes have fewer TVs on average than they did in 2009

Posted on 03/01 23:45 in Shows | 0

A new study from the government’s Energy Information Agency (EIA) shows that Americans own fewer TVs on average than they did just a few years ago.In fact, the number of households with no TVs has doubled since 2009.

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Review: The Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti is the first real 4K GPU, but who drives it better, AMD or Intel?

Posted on 03/09 15:03 in Shows | 0

Today, Nvidia launched the GTX 1080 Ti ($699), its new highest-end consumer GPU.The GTX 1080 Ti is a GP102-based design with 3,584 GPU cores, 224 texture units, and 88 ROPS (3584:224:88).

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Microsoft And Scorpio Take A Pretty Direct Jab Against PS4 Pro

Posted on 03/10 18:22 in Deals | 0

The Xbox Scorpio represents a significant salvo in that war: Microsoft is going out of its way to make it clear that the graphical update of the Scorpio is more powerful than that of the PS4 Pro, which came out in the fall.We've now got a Microsoft store listing for Scorpio, with a pretty direct jab at the PS4 Pro to boot.

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Microsoft's Project Scorpio will improve games at 1080p as well as offering 4K

Posted on 03/13 12:36 in Shows | 0

With Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro now shipping, there’s a great deal of speculation around Microsoft’s upcoming Project Scorpio.Microsoft has implied it wants to leapfrog both the Xbox One and the PS4 Pro by a significant margin, but details on how these improvements would impact the existing Xbox One ecosystem have been few and far between.

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Google's Jamboard digital whiteboard ships in May, will cost $4,999

Posted on 03/13 14:23 in Shows | 0

Yes, that’s a lot of money, but it’s less expensive than a lot of competing enterprise products.There will also be collaboration tools for smartphones and tablets that sync up with the Jamboard, which is handy for remote team members and those who don’t have their own 4K digital whiteboard.

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My PS4 Pro's Color Has Been Terrible And Faded For Months And I Finally Fixed It

Posted on 03/16 16:42 in Deals | 0

I picked up my PS4 Pro on launch day last year, just a few weeks after I’d bought myself a brand new Sony 4K HDR TV.I was excited to try out what would be my first dedicated 4K device ever, and sure enough games looked great.

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PS4 Pro 4K Vs Xbox One S 4K - Which Is The Resolution King?

Posted on 03/23 17:05 in Deals | 0

The Xbox One S and PS4 Pro differ greatly in their approach to delivering 4K games.The Xbox One S simply takes all of the Xbox One’s HD-only games and applies 4K upscaling processing to them if you have a 4K TV.

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Dell's new 8K monitor is now available for $5,000

Posted on 03/24 19:14 in Shows | 0

It’s only been a few short years since the first 4K panels hit store shelves, and now we’ve got an 8K display you can purchase as well.But remember — stepping from 4K to 8K quadruples pixel counts, it doesn’t double them.

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PS4 Pro Media Player app is getting a 4K update

Posted on 03/27 14:08 in More | 0

The Media Player app on PS4 Pro is being updated tomorrow to enable the playback of 4K video content, Sony has announced.4K video in mp4 format saved on a USB stick or home server will be playable.

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New PS4 Pro Update Boosts Its 4K Credentials

Posted on 03/27 18:27 in Deals | 0

Once the update has installed, PS4 Pro owners with 4K TVs will be able to play 4K mp4 files from either USB sticks or devices on their home network.You can’t also shove 4K video files onto it.

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New PS4 Pro Update Adds 4K Support to Media Player, Still Won't Play 4K Blu-rays

Posted on 03/27 20:38 in More | 0

Today's PS4 Pro update will add the ability to play 4K video, but only from the media player - not from 4K Blu-rays.There's a new PS4 update rolling out today, and it brings a much-needed feature, Sony says: the ability to watch 4K videos.

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