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New PS4 Pro Update Adds 4K Support to Media Player, Still Won't Play 4K Blu-rays

Posted on 03/27 20:38 in More | 0

Today's PS4 Pro update will add the ability to play 4K video, but only from the media player - not from 4K Blu-rays.There's a new PS4 update rolling out today, and it brings a much-needed feature, Sony says: the ability to watch 4K videos.

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Sony's PS4 Pro Will Finally Be Able to Playback Video in 4K

Posted on 03/30 10:14 in More | 0

One of the big selling points of Sony’s upgraded PlayStation 4 was its 4K capabilities, but it was a feature that couldn’t be fully accessed up until now.Revealed recently on the PlayStation Blog, the incoming firmware patch will give the system the ability to finally playback 4K resolution MP4 files.

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WipEout Omega Collection coming to PS4 on June 7

Posted on 03/31 11:06 in More | 0

WipEout Omega Collection will launch for PS4 on June 7, bringing together up to 4K remasters of WipEout HD, Fury and 2048.The game will run at 60 frames per second, offering 1080p on PS4 and dynamic 4K on PS4 Pro.

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After 6 Months on the Market, Can We Call the PS4 Pro a Flop Yet?

Posted on 04/06 14:19 in More | 0

So what makes the PS4 Pro different from the PS4 and PS4 Slim (which is now the standard PS4 model)?99 in the US, and as for the other PS4 consoles, the PS4 costs about $349 while the PS4 Slim costs about $299.

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Microsoft Project Scorpio Vs PS4 Pro Vs PC: Who's The Fastest?

Posted on 04/07 17:08 in Deals | 0

So how do the PC and indeed the PS4 Pro stack up against Project Scorpio?However, you're looking at close to $1,000 for what is expected to be a similarly-performing PC compared to Project Scorpio.

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Project Scorpio's Specs Will Blow the PS4 Pro Out of the Water

Posted on 04/08 22:00 in More | 0

Six months removed from the launch of the PlayStation 4 Pro, Microsoft has been tight-lipped about its upcoming new console, code-named Scorpio.This trounces the PS4 Pro’s bandwith of 218 GB per second.

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Diving into Project Scorpio's backwards compatibility, 4K, VR, and 1080p support

Posted on 04/10 14:04 in Shows | 0

Now that we’ve discussed the basic technical specs of Project Scorpio, Microsoft’s follow-up to the original Xbox One, it’s time to cover some of the ancillary information, like 4K support, 1080p goodies, and VR functionality.All Xbox Scorpio games (that’s our shorthand, not Microsoft’s specific nomenclature) are required to be backwards-compatible with Xbox One titles.

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Microsoft shows off the power of Project Scorpio by rendering a beetle

Posted on 04/26 16:21 in More | 0

Windows Central have some new images from a private demonstration of how games will look on Project Scorpio at 4k and 1080p.If you hit the link you'll see that Microsoft ran some comparisons with tech demos.

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New Graphics Comparisons Highlight What Project Scorpio Brings to the 1080p, 4K Table

Posted on 04/27 14:20 in Shows | 0

These demos don’t use game assets, but they are indicative of how developers can leverage the improved performance of Project Scorpio over and above what’s offered by the Xbox One.First, here’s 1080p versus downsampled 1080p, versus 4K in a BioShock Infinite-like tech demo with a steampunk aesthetic.

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Upcoming Nvidia Driver Will Enable Netflix 4K Streaming, Sort Of

Posted on 05/02 19:48 in Shows | 0

Over the past year, it’s often seemed as if Microsoft and Netflix have done everything they could possibly do to prevent 4K streaming on PCs.While 4K started rolling out on Netflix several years ago, only a handful of smart TVs were supported.

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Phillips, LG Launch 40-inch+ Monitors That Support 4 Simultaneous Displays

Posted on 05/09 15:20 in Shows | 0

Now, it seems the Dell P4317Q will face some competition from both Phillips and LG, both of which have debuted widescreen, multi-system displays of their own.Around back, the BDM4037UW packs one VGA port, 2x DisplayPorts, 1x HDMI 1.

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Nest Cam IQ Can Recognize Familiar Faces With its 4K Sensor

Posted on 05/31 21:00 in Shows | 0

With the announcement of Nest’s new Nest Cam IQ, the company is deploying unique features and vastly improved hardware.The Nest Cam IQ looks much like the Nest Outdoor Cam released last year.

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Going From 720p to Samsung QLED: My First Foray Into 4K Gaming

Posted on 06/09 12:21 in Deals | 0

Until about a week ago, I was doing the majority of my modern gaming on a 2008 720p Panasonic plasma.Besides a power slot, the Samsung screen only has one other input, which runs to the One Connect Box itself.

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Microsoft Officially Unveils New 'Xbox One X:' 'The Most Powerful Console Ever Made'

Posted on 06/11 23:08 in Deals | 0

Microsoft unveiled the latest console in the Xbox family at a press conference today.Having teased the new console for months, the company finally lifted the curtain on the "Xbox One X," a supercharged version of the Xbox One designed to play all the same games as the base model Xbox One and compete with Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro, released last fall.

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Microsoft Exec: PS4 Pro Competes With Xbox One S, not Xbox One X

Posted on 06/14 15:20 in Shows | 0

“I look at Pro as more of a competitor to S than I do to Xbox One X,” Spencer told Eurogamer in an extensive interview.That’s why we’re able to say, over 30 games will have 4K updates for Xbox One X when we launch it.

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Netflix's New Content Download Option Has a Hidden Catch

Posted on 06/14 17:08 in Shows | 0

When Netflix added support for content downloading late last year, it was hailed as a long-overdue move for the popular VOD service.According to Android Police, however, there’s another catch when you download content.

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Dell Unveils Laser Projector That Creates 100-inch 4K Image

Posted on 06/15 23:02 in Shows | 0

Those problems might go away forever with the newly unveiled Dell Advanced 4K Laser Projector.As the name suggests, this is a 4K projector that uses lasers instead of a regular lamp.

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Minecraft's New 4K Textures Don't Even Look Like Minecraft

Posted on 06/16 15:27 in Shows | 0

With Microsoft at the helm, Minecraft has added new features and come to more platforms, but it hasn’t looked any different until now.This unifies most versions of Minecraft under the same game engine, known as Bedrock.

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Neither Microsoft Nor Sony Is Making A Coherent Case For Their Premium Consoles

Posted on 06/16 16:49 in Deals | 0

I just don’t think Sony or Microsoft is doing a great job convincing players to pick up their premium consoles, PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.I maintain that the biggest leap in visual fidelity is going from a 1080p set to a 4K set, even without changing your console.

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Can You Build a $500 Gaming PC to Match the Xbox One X?

Posted on 06/19 14:08 in Shows | 0

But whether you can match the Xbox One X with an equivalent PC build isn’t just about horsepower; it’s also about how you define the word ‘match.Thanks to sheer size, Microsoft can get deals on Xbox One X components that you and I simply can’t touch buying from Newegg or Amazon.

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