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Backblaze vets 8TB drives, releases updated hard drive reliability data

Posted on 08/03 14:03 in Shows | 0

While SSDs have made marked inroads into the hard drive market thanks to a rapidly diminishing cost-per-bit, hard drives still reign supreme as the most cost-effective method of storing data.5PB of data from a set of Storage Pods built with 2TB HGST hard drives to a set of Seagate 8TB drives, quadrupling the amount of storage available per-pod.

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Seagate, Microsoft Debut Xbox One Storage Options With Game Pass

Posted on 06/01 23:25 in Shows | 0

Seagate and Microsoft have teamed up before to offer Xbox-branded external storage options, and the storage manufacturer has recently refreshed its product line to match the style of last summer’s Xbox One S.Beyond that, however, these new drives also offer a several-month subscription to Microsoft’s new Xbox Game Pass subscription service.

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