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SoFIA later: Intel kills upcoming smartphone and tablet hardware

Posted on 11/19 16:56 in Shows | 0

The company’s products were struggling to find their footing in the mobile market and Intel’s smartphone and tablet division wasn’t performing as desired.To address this, Intel would partner with rival TSMC to build smartphone and tablet chips on the latter’s 28nm process technology.

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Qualcomm may acquire NXP Semiconductor in $30 billion deal

Posted on 09/30 18:56 in Shows | 0

Rumors suggest that Qualcomm might be planning to acquire NXP Semiconductor in a deal worth at least $30 billion.If Qualcomm is a high-profile success story that’s risen to dominate modem licensing and smartphone SoC design, NXP Semiconductor is the multi-billion dollar semiconductor company you haven’t heard of.

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Qualcomm unveils its first 5G modem: 5Gbps peak downloads, beam forming, and 800MHz of spectrum

Posted on 10/19 17:00 in Shows | 0

When we talk about Qualcomm, we typically discuss its SoCs, CPU performance, and general market position in the Android ecosystem.This need to keep focused on the next generation of hardware is why Qualcomm just announced its X50 5G modem.

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iPhone 7s with Intel modems struggle badly in low-signal areas

Posted on 10/20 22:41 in Shows | 0

Previously, Apple has tapped both Samsung and TSMC to build its SoCs, but stuck with the same Qualcomm modem for all its hardware.The graph below is from Band 4, which Cellular Insights describes as the most common band for North America LTE deployments.

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Verizon notifies heaviest unlimited data users they need to switch plans or leave

Posted on 01/11 15:39 in Shows | 0

Carriers moved away from unlimited data, like Verizon did in 2011.According to a notice from Verizon that was sent to unlimited customers, it’s putting a hard limit on data usage by unlimited customers.

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Apple: Qualcomm Doesn't Deserve to Earn Revenue on Every iPhone

Posted on 06/26 02:48 in Shows | 0

Other companies have begun to take more market share, but for several years, Qualcomm virtually owned the entire LTE market.In January, Apple sued Qualcomm, claiming that the SoC and modem manufacturer had improperly withheld $1B in rebate payments in retaliation for Apple working with the Korean FTC.

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