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Rumors hint Nvidia, Apple may get back together

Posted on 09/27 23:13 in Shows | 0

Now, there’s talk that Apple might switch back to Nvidia.As for the proverbial feather in Nvidia’s cap, Apple occupies a weird spot in the overall PC market.

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Amazon adds Nvidia GPU firepower to its compute cloud

Posted on 10/03 14:20 in Shows | 0

One reason Amazon gave for its decision to offer GPU compute as opposed to focusing on scaling out with additional CPU cores is the so-called von Neumann bottleneck.This wait-state became known as the von Neumann bottleneck, and it had become a serious problem by the 1970s.

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10 years ago, Nvidia launched the G80-powered GeForce 8800 and changed PC gaming, computing forever

Posted on 11/08 21:02 in Shows | 0

On November 8, 2006, Nvidia officially launched its first unified shader architecture and first DirectX 10-compatible GPU, the G80.The new chip debuted in two new cards, the $599 GeForce 8800 GTX and the $449 GeForce 8800 GTS.

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