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Canadian Teens Cause an International Incident Playing Pokémon Go

Posted on 07/24 17:26 in Shows | 0

Two Canadian youngsters distracted by playing Pokémon Go accidentally crossed the border into the U.and had to be apprehended in Montana by federal agents, officials said Friday.

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Take it from a Canadian: Science in America is headed for dark, dark days

Posted on 11/24 16:01 in Shows | 0

This week, we saw the first of what will surely be many headlines pitting the incoming Trump administration against the outgoing principles of science in government research.One of the President-elect’s key advisers has informed the media that NASA’s climate research division will be dramatically defunded.

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The Internet Archive just got a bit more useful - and a lot more political

Posted on 12/09 17:31 in Shows | 0

The Internet Archive has been making waves lately, and not entirely by choice.The Internet Archive basically has two components: the website archive, called the Wayback Machine, and everything else, including databases of digitized books, music, movies, and more.

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#009: The Criminal Element

Posted on 04/11 20:54 in More | 0

Perhaps this isn't the most original joke in the world, but it's definitely the Canadian stereotype that's rung true in my experience.I live in what's often described as "the bad part of town," and it still feels miles safer than anywhere I lived in the UK.

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Bank of Canada lets its geek flag fly with Konami code Easter egg

Posted on 04/16 23:30 in Shows | 0

If you had to hazard a guess, how many times do you think you’ve punched in the Konami code in your lifetime?The Konami code is like a Pulp Fiction reference, or that horrible arrow in the FedEx logo.

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Fallout: New Vegas Cosplayer Walks Through Town in Costume, Police are Called

Posted on 04/17 15:47 in More | 0

One Canadian Fallout: New Vegas cosplayer ended up being confronted by the police after his costume alarmed some people.When you're going to get your Fallout: New Vegas costume altered, it's probably best not to wear it as you walk to the tailor.

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