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Leaked slides imply Intel Goldmont offers 30% better CPU performance, increased battery life

Posted on 06/03 21:20 in Shows | 0

Apollo Lake is built on Intel’s next-generation Goldmont CPU architecture with Skylake-derived graphics, and will debut on a 14nm process.The gap between Silvermont and Goldmont won’t be nearly as large as the difference between Clover Trail and Silvermont, but there’s a simple explanation for that.

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Intel launches new Apollo Lake silicon, but new Goldmont CPU architecture may draw significantly more power

Posted on 09/02 15:53 in Shows | 0

Earlier this year, Intel announced that its next-generation Atom architecture, Goldmont, would be confined to netbooks and the low-end of the desktop market.We still don’t know what Intel changed or how Goldmont differs from Airmont — but this plays into the TDP considerations we mentioned above.

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With Kaby Lake, Intel finally brings Hyper-Threading to its Pentium-branded processors

Posted on 01/11 17:28 in Shows | 0

Last week, we reviewed Intel’s Core i7-7700K and discussed the details on the Kaby Lake refresh cycle, including Intel’s new Core i3, i5, and i7 processors.The CPU giant announced multiple new Pentium-class CPUs based on Kaby Lake, including the first Pentium SKUs to feature Hyper-Threading since Intel retired the Pentium 4.

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Gigabyte Announces Tiny PC More Powerful and Upgradeable Than Raspberry Pi

Posted on 07/21 20:45 in Shows | 0

The Raspberry Pi has proved itself to be a versatile little computer, and you can get them for pocket change.Yeah, it really needs a better name, but this slightly larger micro-computer offers more power and modularity than the Raspberry Pi.

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