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Astronomers discover a ‘starving’ supermassive black hole at the center of a galaxy

Posted on 09/15 20:42 in Shows | 0

What happens when a black hole falls on hard times?An international team of astronomers have found a black hole that’s rapidly getting dimmer, and they think it’s starving.

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This week in space: Mars missions, a space blob, and a falling satellite

Posted on 09/23 18:05 in Shows | 0

NASA’s Mars 2020 rover is bringing its MOXIE to Mars in a proof-of-concept experiment to see whether we can break CO2 in its atmosphere to get breathable oxygen.MOXIE stands for the Mars OXygen In-situ resource utilization Experiment, which is a terrible reach as acronyms go.

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Eye candy from space: The most beautiful panoramas and photos of the universe around us

Posted on 12/28 13:56 in Shows | 0

All that activity is eating the columns away from within, while it’s being burned away by other stars in its neighborhood.In this composite image, different colors correspond to the glow of different elements: oxygen in blue, hydrogen and nitrogen in green, and sulfur in red.

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Chandra Observatory spies densest-ever concentration of black holes

Posted on 01/06 19:19 in Shows | 0

The universe is a big place, and we know from targeted observations that there are a lot of black holes out there.The Chandra team has just released a new image from a long-term study of the sky that shows the densest concentration of black holes ever seen.

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