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Google Unveils Stunning 17-Camera VR Video Rig

Posted on 04/24 20:27 in Shows | 0

However, there’s dearth of worthwhile VR video content out there.Today, the company has announced a new and improved VR video rig called the Yi Halo.

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Intel Optane Review Roundup: Next-Generation Memory Standard Earns Lukewarm Reception

Posted on 04/24 21:49 in Shows | 0

After years of teasing and a major enterprise launch, Intel’s Optane memory is finally available for PCs and enthusiast systems.This isn’t a new feature from Intel; SRT has been supported on small SSD cache drives for at least five years, and Intel’s Optane drives appear to offer commensurate benefits to an SSD cache drive when used in an equivalent configuration.

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Why Smartphone Speed Tests Don't Tell You What You Think They Do

Posted on 04/25 14:03 in Shows | 0

These arguments aren’t going to stop happening, but the new phenomenon of speed test videos isn’t adding much to the conversation for several reasons.There are videos, like the one below, that pit the GS8 against the iPhone in what would appear at first to be a useful comparison.

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Someone Turned the Lights On in Pripyat, 31 Years After Chernobyl

Posted on 04/25 15:42 in Shows | 0

Because of the contamination, officially you can’t live there, although 200 or so defiant oldster locals still do.Just before the anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, which occurred exactly 31 years ago today, a group of enthusiasts from Poland took their own unguided tour through the streets of Pripyat, with a singular purpose in mind.

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New 'Genius' Television Series Will Explore the Twists and Turns of Einstein's Life

Posted on 04/25 16:35 in Shows | 0

Sixty-two years after his death, Albert Einstein continues to occupy an extraordinary position of prestige.Now, a new television series from National Geographic will examine his personal and professional life through its 10-episode first season.

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ET deals: Save big on the ultimate learn to code course bundle

Posted on 04/25 17:29 in Shows | 0

Whether you want to strike out on your own on the app store or start a career in software engineering, you’re going to need to learn to code.Today, SkillWise is offering up ten beefy courses that will help you navigate the fundamentals of modern programming.

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Amazon Ponders Self-Driving Vehicles for More Efficient, Cheaper Delivery

Posted on 04/25 18:23 in Shows | 0

Instead, it wants to see how driverless vehicles would improve package delivery and make Amazon more efficient.The think tank, as Amazon calls it, is part of a larger and more ambitious plan that would have Amazon transport more Amazon packages itself.

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SK Hynix Will Launch GDDR6 in 2018, But What About HBM2?

Posted on 04/25 19:18 in Shows | 0

” This is an interesting statement, given that HBM2, not GDDR5X/6 has been broadly positioned as the future of next-generation memory.Instead, we’ve had two extremely high-end products from Nvidia that both use HBM2, and nothing from AMD to date.

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Grab a Steel-Wrapped Lightning Charging Cable That Won't Break for Just $29.99

Posted on 04/25 20:03 in More | 0

As you've probably noticed, the average charging cable doesn't have a long lifespan.But this isn't your average charging cable.

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Waymo now offering free rides in self-driving cars for Phoenix residents

Posted on 04/25 20:12 in Shows | 0

These vehicles have been cruising around the streets of Phoenix for the better part of a year, and now locals can request rides in the Waymo cars.There’s no cost for the program, but Waymo wants all the consumer feedback it can get.

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Grab These Great Deals on Dawn of War III, PS VR, and More

Posted on 04/25 22:41 in More | 0

On Thursday, April 27 Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III will hit the digital PC gaming shelves at the all-too-common $59.On the 3DS front Nintendo's own outlet on eBay has refurbished units of New Nintendo 3DS XL for only $170.

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AMD's New Radeon Pro Duo is Slower, Cheaper Than Its Predecessor

Posted on 04/25 22:44 in Shows | 0

When AMD launched its Radeon Pro Duo a year ago, it was clearly an attempt to simultaneously drive VR development and carve out a niche for a high-end Radeon solution that could drive each eye from a separate GPU.At the same time, however, the $1,500 price tag and limited VRAM (just 4GB per GPU) were less than ideal for a four-digit development board.

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One Modder's Quest: Recreate Parts of Fallout New Vegas Inside Fallout 4

Posted on 04/26 14:17 in Shows | 0

At the same time, there’s no denying that New Vegas is beginning to show its age.The Fallout 4 engine may not have been the clean leap from Gamebryo that we hoped it would be, but it does offer much-improved visuals, and one modder is already working on implementing Fallout New Vegas within Fallout 4.

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Seagate Launches Drone-Friendly DJI Fly Drive

Posted on 04/26 16:04 in Shows | 0

Despite its name, the Fly Drive doesn’t actually fly.The Fly Drive is compatible with both Thunderbolt and USB 3.

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Verizon Doesn't Seem to Know How Much its $70 Gigabit FiOS Actually Costs

Posted on 04/26 16:58 in Shows | 0

The new option, Verizon said in the press release, would only cost $70 per month.The previous top-of-the-line FiOS service was 750Mbps, priced at nearly $200.

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Why Cars Are Moving to 48-Volt Electrical Systems

Posted on 04/26 17:52 in Shows | 0

Many cars will soon have 48-volt electrical systems.They’ll handle accessories ranging from mechanical or hydraulic power to electric power such as power steering, power brakes, water pump, radiator cooling, and air conditioning.

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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a Phenomenal Performer on the Switch

Posted on 04/26 19:34 in Shows | 0

On April 28th, an updated version of Mario Kart 8 is being released on Nintendo’s new hybrid console, and it’s getting rave reviews.Back on the Wii U, Mario Kart 8 sold over 8 million copies, and received excellent review scores.

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Here's Your Chance to Win a $500 Airbnb Gift Card

Posted on 04/26 20:04 in More | 0

Start planning your dream vacation - we've got your stay covered.That $500 can get you far: Choose from 3,000,000 unique listings in 30,000 cities all over the world.

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New Prosthetic Arm Powered by Bluetooth and Brainwaves

Posted on 04/26 21:53 in Shows | 0

Doctors in the Netherlands are now testing a new type of prosthetic “click-on” arm that is connected to the patient’s existing nerves.The nerves that once controlled muscles in the hand are redirected to muscles that still exist in the upper arm.

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FCC Chairman Announces Plan to Roll Back Net Neutrality Regulations

Posted on 04/26 22:47 in Shows | 0

Many of us hoped the net neutrality battle was over two years ago when the FCC implemented Title II classification of internet service providers.Indeed, chairman Pai has released a plan to roll back the 2015 Title II “common carrier” reclassification, essentially gutting net neutrality in the US.

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