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Sony kills PlayStation Now support on Vita, PS3, Bravia, and Blu-ray players

Posted on 02/17 15:44 in Shows | 0

Back in 2014, Sony debuted a new, Netflix-like game streaming service dubbed PlayStation Now.The service was expensive, at $20 per month or $45 per three months, but it supported a wide range of hardware including televisions, Blu-ray players, the PlayStation 3, the PlayStation TV, the PlayStation Vita, all 2013 – 2015 Bravia TVs, and all Samsung television models.

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Google gives everyone machine learning superpowers with TensorFlow 1.0

Posted on 02/17 16:38 in Shows | 0

That began to change with the release of a number of open-source machine learning frameworks like Theano, Spark ML, Microsoft’s CNTK, and Google’s TensorFlow.With this week’s release of TensorFlow 1.

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This week in space: Pluto, Europa, and 96 Planet nanosats

Posted on 02/17 17:34 in Shows | 0

India just set a world record by sending 104 satellites into space in a single launch.” Counting the 96 new ones, that brings Planet’s constellation to 149, which is also a world record.

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Project Loon uses machine learning to make internet balloons 'dance on the wind'

Posted on 02/17 19:21 in Shows | 0

The aptly named Project Loon started as a “moonshot” experiment at Google’s X division in 2011.The goal was to provide wireless internet access to remote areas with high-altitude balloons, which does indeed sound loony.

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Is texting to blame for 2016's increase in vehicular deaths?

Posted on 02/17 20:15 in Shows | 0

Texting and other smartphone apps are cited frequently by safety officials for the increase.In raw data, National Safety Council data shows an increase of 6% in 2016 over 2015.

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Thermaltake debuts new PCIe 3.0 extender, lets you show off your GPU in style

Posted on 02/17 23:51 in Shows | 0

Thermaltake wants to change that by giving you more room to showcase components — and it’s built a PCI Express cable extender to do it.The new cable will be available in three lengths — 300mm, 600mm, and 1000mm (that’s 11.

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Graphene-coated copper could dramatically boost future CPU performance

Posted on 02/21 14:08 in Shows | 0

Most of the time, when we talk about the potential impact of next-generation technologies on future computers, we’re talking about transistor performance.Every modern CPU is wired together via an extensive network of copper wires, dubbed “interconnects.

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2017 Hyundai Ioniq first drive review: hybrid, EV, plug-in, no gas-only engines

Posted on 02/21 15:57 in Shows | 0

The 2017 Hyundai Ioniq is the first car purpose-built to offer three different electric drivetrains and no gasoline-only engines.The hybrid Ioniq has the best mileage of any hybrid to date, 58 mpg combined, which tops the equivalent Toyota Prius by 2 mpg.

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New biosensor can detect HIV earlier and faster than ever before

Posted on 02/21 15:57 in Shows | 0

This silicon chip can spot HIV in the body within days of exposure and it’s faster than all previous conclusive tests.Generally, the earliest for a definitive diagnosis of HIV infection is a month after exposure.

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Horizon: Zero Dawn puts the PS4 Pro to work

Posted on 02/21 16:51 in Shows | 0

We’re now just a week away from the launch of Horizon: Zero Dawn, and the reviews are already hitting in droves.On the base PS4 hardware, Horizon runs at a native 1080p30.

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NASA's Juno will stay in its 53-day orbit around Jupiter after engine troubles

Posted on 02/21 17:46 in Shows | 0

In light of engine troubles, NASA scientists have determined Juno should remain in its current 53-day orbit around Jupiter.Radiation hardening was one of the main mission considerations when building Juno, as Jupiter’s ludicrous magnetic field is enough to fry even the boldest of spacecraft.

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Harman, Ultrahaptics team up for mid-air haptic feedback

Posted on 02/21 19:34 in Shows | 0

Mega-big automotive supplier Harman and British startup Ultrahaptics are partnering to create a haptic driver feedback system.The work of Harman and Ultrahaptics extends the feedback to mid-air for when the user is gesturing.

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ET deals: Save big on the ethical hacker bonus bundle

Posted on 02/21 19:34 in Shows | 0

Well, you’ll definitely want to consider investing in today’s ethical hacking bundle from Skillwise.Not only will you learn vital skills for understanding web security, but you’ll learn how to translate those skills into a real career in penetration testing.

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Apple rumored to announce complete refresh of iPad lineup this spring

Posted on 02/21 20:28 in Shows | 0

The rumor mill currently points to a complete refresh of the iPad lineup with new features, new sizes, and more.According to Mac Otakara (via MacRumors), Apple will hold an event this spring to announce its new iPad lineup.

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Stanford researchers improve extraction of uranium from seawater

Posted on 02/21 21:23 in Shows | 0

A new process for obtaining uranium from seawater could make the process cleaner, cheaper, and more accessible to countries around the world.Thus, the desire to perfect uranium extraction from seawater.

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Disney creates room that can wirelessly charge hundreds of devices

Posted on 02/22 14:03 in Shows | 0

True wireless power is still a no-go in consumer technology, but Disney Research has developed a version that might work in the future.Its volumetric wireless power system can keep hundreds of devices powered with no wires whatsoever.

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AMD unveils Ryzen launch dates, clock speeds, performance, pricing

Posted on 02/22 15:35 in Shows | 0

Here’s how the SKUs and their performance break down: Ryzen 7 1700: 3.4GHz base clock, 3.

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Detectors have picked up an unexplained wave of radioactivity across Europe

Posted on 02/22 16:46 in Shows | 0

“Since only Iodine-131 was measured, and no other radioactive substances, we think it originates from a pharmaceutical company producing radioactive drugs.It is possible to partially reconstruct the path the cloud of radioactivity followed as it spread.

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NASA announces discovery of seven Earth-like exoplanets in a single solar system

Posted on 02/22 20:22 in Shows | 0

NASA has announced the discovery of an amazing planetary system in orbit of a nearby star consisting of seven Earth-like planets in the habitable zone.This was exciting enough to warrant a quick follow up by the Spitzer Space Telescope — TRAPPIST-1’s small size and low temperature was ideal for study with Spitzer’s infrared instruments.

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Scientists finally make 'triangulene,' which is good, we think

Posted on 02/22 21:16 in Shows | 0

The new weirdness is called triangulene, a cousin of graphene that’s been theorized for decades but never successfully synthesized.Its makers only managed to make one molecule of the stuff at a time, and that with atomically precise tools.

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