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Google Can Now Track Your Offline Purchases

Posted on 05/24 14:17 in Shows | 0

The search giant is looking to change that by associating online ads with purchases in the real world — your purchases.Right now, Google and other online advertisers lack the data to draw a strong connection between online ads and purchases in real life.

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Hackers Can Unlock Samsung's Galaxy S8 Using Fake Irises

Posted on 05/24 16:04 in Shows | 0

For years, proponents of biometric authentication have advertised new and elaborate systems for ensuring that your computer knows it’s “really you” attempting to unlock it.For years, hackers have demonstrated that these biometric authentication systems are woefully inadequate in many situations.

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The 5 Most Important Announcements at Google I/O 2017

Posted on 05/24 16:57 in Shows | 0

At I/O 2017, Google announced new products powered by machine learning, some big improvements to Assistant and Google Home, and it offered up a glimpse of the future of Android in your car.The beta for Android O was officially launched, which means you can quite easily play around with it as long as you’ve got one of the supported devices.

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Best Online Backup Solutions

Posted on 05/24 18:47 in Shows | 0

Theft, house fires, and natural disasters could happen at any moment, so adding in an online backup to your routine is the best way to protect your valuable information.Thankfully, there are plenty of cloud backup solutions to pick from, and the prices have dropped significantly in recent years.

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DJI Says its New Spark Is the Flying Camera for Everyone

Posted on 05/24 20:18 in Shows | 0

With its new Spark “personal drone,” DJI is hoping to change that.The Spark is tiny for a full-featured drone, about the same size and weight as a soda can.

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ET Deals: The Complete Computer Science Bundle for $39

Posted on 05/24 20:39 in Shows | 0

Today’s bundle of online courses from SkillWise aims to help you learn the basics of computer science with a very low barrier to entry.Dedicate a couple hours a day to these courses, and you’ll be well-versed in the basics of programming in just a few months.

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Consumer Reports Gives Tesla Model S Partial Credit for a Partial Fix

Posted on 05/24 21:32 in Shows | 0

Consumer Reports restored one of the two ratings points lost by the Tesla Model S when its automatic emergency braking wasn’t enabled.The scoring reduction and restoration also affects the Model X, which is mired in the lower rank among luxury mid-size SUVs.

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Samsung Wants to Lead the Foundry Business to 4nm and Beyond

Posted on 05/24 22:14 in Shows | 0

A few weeks back, we covered foundry plans over the next few years for TSMC, Samsung, GlobalFoundries, and Intel.The company is planning to launch a variety of new process capabilities, including new technology nodes, the introduction of Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography (EUV), and its own fully depleted SOI (FDSOI) technology.

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Hackers Use Subtitle Files to Take Over PCs

Posted on 05/24 23:08 in Shows | 0

It’s common to see subtitle files (usually a.There are more than two dozen subtitle file formats, so most media players capable of opening them are designed to process anything that claims to be a subtitle file.

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DJI to Drone Customers: Upgrade Your Firmware or Practically Give Up Flying

Posted on 05/25 00:03 in Shows | 0

Users will have to download and install a new version of the DJI app to their mobile devices.The flip side to this equation, of course, is that drone strikes and near-misses have skyrocketed in recent years.

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VW's Diesel Defeat Devices Finally Located, Cracked Wide Open

Posted on 05/25 13:47 in Shows | 0

The rules the EPA uses for evaluating vehicle mileage are a matter of public record, as are the test procedures.This essentially makes it possible for manufacturers to intentionally alter the behavior of their vehicles during the test cycle.

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Astronomers Pin Down the Orbit of Exoplanet TRAPPIST-1h

Posted on 05/25 16:31 in Shows | 0

Scientists have also confirmed many of the planets in the TRAPPIST-1 system have what’s known as “orbital resonance.However, all the planets around TRAPPIST-1 orbit very close — a year there is only a few Earth days.

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Thunderbolt Goes Royalty-Free as Intel Repositions It to Boost Adoption, Sales

Posted on 05/25 17:25 in Shows | 0

For the past few years, Thunderbolt has been more of a curiosity than a standard-bearer for device connectivity.Now, Intel is going one step further : It’s making the Thunderbolt 3 standard royalty-free in a bid to attract attention for the standard and improve uptake from manufacturers.

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This Adorable Little Rocket Just Reached Space for the First Time

Posted on 05/25 20:08 in Shows | 0

Most commercial rockets have a carbo capacity measured in tons, but the new Electron launch vehicle from Rocket Lab is designed for lighter duty.The company is looking into the specifics, but reaching space on its very first launch isn’t bad.

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NASA Releases Stunning First Science Results from Jupiter Probe Juno

Posted on 05/26 14:13 in Shows | 0

Then there’s Jupiter’s incredibly strong magnetic field.766 Gauss, a whopping ten times more powerful than Earth’s magnetic field and twice what was as expected.

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7.2 Million-Year-Old Jawbone Indicates Oldest Hominin Lived in Europe, Not Africa

Posted on 05/26 16:03 in Shows | 0

In addition, the earliest members of the Hominina and Panina clades may have diverged, hybridized, and then diverged again in multiple progressive cycles over several million years.Estimates of when this divergence took place have varied widely, from as recently as four million years ago, to as far back as 13 million years.

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Reboot Reality: VR and AR Mark Milestone With New Interactive Exhibit

Posted on 05/26 17:45 in Shows | 0

SAN JOSE — A permanent exhibit at Silicon Valley’s iconic Tech Museum is a rite of passage for technologies.For the fields of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality, which as a group the museum calls XR, it’s happening now even while they’re still in their infancy.

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Tesla Factory: Unsafe at Any (Line) Speed?

Posted on 05/26 19:40 in Shows | 0

At Tesla’s factory in Fremont, CA, injury rates in 2015 were 31 percent higher than at the average auto factory: 8.8 injuries per worker in 2015, versus 6.

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ET Deals Memorial Day Roundup: Save on Dell Core i7 Laptops, 1080p Foscam Wireless Cameras, and More

Posted on 05/27 00:11 in Shows | 0

Just in time for Memorial Day weekend, we’ve gathered up some of the very best discounts online.Whether you’re looking for a new PC, a 4K television, or even a wireless camera, there’s something here for everyone.

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Memo to the Prez: Germans Already Build Cars Here

Posted on 05/27 15:31 in Shows | 0

It wouldn’t be a normal week, or day, if President Trump didn’t ruffle feathers.According to Der Spiegel, Trump said, “The Germans are bad, very bad.

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