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Machine learning is about to change how corporations are run

Posted on 07/22 16:55 in Shows | 0

When you’re a big acquisition-hungry corporation like Google, sometimes you make mistakes — you pay billions for bug-riddled Nest technology, for example.Not only can Google rent out the company’s services for enormous profit, competing with other major machine learning entrants like Amazon for a quickly growing market share, but it can also use DeepMind’s insights to improve its own competitive advantage.

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Robots receive a scary-accurate new voice, courtesy of Google’s DeepMind

Posted on 09/12 20:29 in Shows | 0

Whatever you may think of the robotic voices foisted upon the world thanks to Google Voice Search and Siri, you’re unlikely to mistake them for human voices.With DeepMind’s WaveNet, we may be witnessing the emergence of something like an uncanny waveform, a robotic voice close enough to our own as to be distinctly creepy.

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In a historic moment for AI, computers gain ability to generalize learning between activities

Posted on 10/24 18:39 in Shows | 0

However, one pièce de résistance has always remained: No matter how good at prediction a neural network became, it lacked the ability to generalize that ability to learning new tasks.Now, for the first time, a neural network has achieved it.

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Blizzard, Google team up to teach next-generation AIs how to play Starcraft II

Posted on 11/08 15:42 in Shows | 0

Now, Blizzard is teaming up with Google to create a next-generation AI capable of playing an actual computer game: Starcraft II.One critical difference between game AI and the type of AI that DeepMind and Blizzard want to build is that game AI doesn’t really learn.

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IBM, Nvidia release new PowerAI software suite for deep learning projects

Posted on 11/15 20:59 in Shows | 0

At some point this year the big buzzword appears to have shifted away from “the cloud” to “deep learning.In similar fashion, everybody who’s anybody is setting machine learning loose on problems — especially the much-beloved process of deep learning.

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Google's DeepMind AI gives robots the ability to dream

Posted on 11/28 16:26 in Shows | 0

Following in the wake of recent neuroscientific discoveries revealing the importance of dreams for memory consolidation, Google’s AI company DeepMind is pioneering a new technology which allows robots to dream in order to improve their rate of learning.Not surprisingly given the company behind the project, the substance of these AI dreams consists primarily of scenes from Atari Video games.

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Google's DeepMind survival sim shows how AI can become hostile or cooperative

Posted on 02/16 20:48 in Shows | 0

Google’s DeepMind AI firm pitted a pair of neural networks against each other in two different survival scenarios.In the fruit-gathering scenario, the two AIs (indicated by red and blue squares) move across a grid in order to pick up green “fruit” squares.

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AI Acquires Spatial Reasoning Abilities, in Another Victory for Our Machine Overlords

Posted on 06/20 18:07 in Shows | 0

The focus of the DeepMind paper concerns spatial reasoning, in particular the ability to grasp the relation of objects to each other.This kind of spatial reasoning has proved difficult for computers, at least until now.

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Google's DeepMind Teaches AI to Navigate a Parkour Course

Posted on 07/12 21:38 in Shows | 0

Google began as a search and advertising company, but its behind-the-scenes efforts have increasingly veered into machine learning and AI.The search giant’s acquisition of DeepMind several years ago boosted its AI research into overdrive, and now we’re beginning to see the benefit in Google’s products.

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DeepMind AI Moves on from Board Games to StarCraft II

Posted on 08/10 21:56 in Shows | 0

, and most recently, Google’s DeepMind AI branch created a computer that can win the deviously complex game Go.Now, DeepMind is moving on to its biggest challenge yet: StarCraft II.

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