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Will the Navy’s decade-long experiment with railguns yield a useful weapon system?

Posted on 08/11 16:39 in Shows | 0

AGS stands for Advanced Gun System (currently mounted on Zumwalt-class destroyers) while LRLAP is the Long Range Land Attack Projectile.Replacing expensive SAM batteries with projectile weapons could dramatically cut costs and improve the chance of a ship surviving a pitched battle.

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An unknown state may be running drills for taking down the entire internet

Posted on 09/20 16:15 in Shows | 0

These have been not only getting stronger, longer lasting, and more diverse, but they’ve been moving in seemingly systematic, investigatory ways.This could be interpreted as an attempt to get defenders to “bare all,” and make their full defensive capabilities known.

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China claims to have invented quantum radar that could render entire US stealth fleet obsolete

Posted on 09/23 14:02 in Shows | 0

The Chinese military says it has invented quantum radar, a breakthrough which, if true, would render the hundreds of billions of dollars the United States has invested into stealth technology obsolete.Like the original invention of radar, the advent of modern artillery, or radio communications, quantum radar could fundamentally transform the scope and nature of war.

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GM resurrects the fuel cell for the Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 military vehicle

Posted on 10/04 20:01 in Shows | 0

General Motors is turning a Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck chassis into a three-ton rolling testbed for hydrogen fuel cell propulsion for the military.Other automakers, including Honda, Hyundai, and Toyota, are also pursuing fuel cell propulsion.

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US government formally blames Russia for political hacks of the DNC

Posted on 10/07 23:59 in Shows | 0

These thefts and disclosures are intended to interfere with the US election process.We believe, based on the scope and sensitivity of these efforts, that only Russia’s senior-most officials could have authorized these activities.

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Russia unveils its new class of RS-28 'Satan 2' nuclear missiles

Posted on 10/27 21:20 in Shows | 0

MIRV-equipped missiles can deliver multiple nuclear weapons to a single target area, or blanket a large area with separate detonations.Historically, MIRVs have been seen as potentially destabilizing because they give a decisive advantage to the country that can strike first and eliminate its opponent’s land-based missile silos.

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In bid to achieve quantum encryption, China set to finish 2,000-kilometer 'quantum link'

Posted on 10/28 21:20 in Shows | 0

Now, China is nearing completion of another major facet in its push for a quantum phone at the capital building: a 2,000-kilometer fiber-optic line for ferrying quantum encryption keys.It’s the beginning of China’s roll-out of true quantum encryption technology.

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Komsomolets: the prototype Soviet nuclear sub still resting at the bottom of the ocean

Posted on 11/01 15:18 in Shows | 0

K-278 was a prototype 4th-generation nuclear submarine designed to implement a number of features.Specifically, it allows for a pressure hull design that dramatically exceeds the maximum depth of alloyed steel hulls.

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Who really invented Iraq's 'Al Robot' combat drone?

Posted on 11/03 16:19 in Shows | 0

The militias fighting this battle have apparently deployed alongside a lethal ground combat drone they call “Al Robot.It does seem likely, but Al Robot’s technology doesn’t necessarily require a large state actor.

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NASA and FEMA hold exercise to simulate unavoidable asteroid impact

Posted on 11/07 23:29 in Shows | 0

Technology gives us a shot at stopping the worst-case scenario, something that experts from NASA and FEMA recently got together to simulate.The exercise included representatives from NASA, FEMA, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the Department of Energy’s National Laboratories, the US Air Force, and the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services.

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DARPA tests network of 1,000 handheld radiation detectors in Washington

Posted on 11/14 14:23 in Shows | 0

As the first large-scale test of the SIGMA program, DARPA put together a mock kidnapping adventure game.Participants in the exercise were each given a backpack with a small SIGMA radiation detector.

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The F-35 program is once again in trouble, with full flight tests delayed until at least 2018

Posted on 01/17 21:56 in Shows | 0

The Pentagon has released its end-of-year progress report on the F-35, and once again, the news isn’t very good.” The Joint Strike Fighter (F-35) has been in SDD since 2001 and was expected to complete that process this year.

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'Earth Defense Force 5' Shows Off Its Updated Fencer Class

Posted on 02/11 19:00 in Deals | 0

One of my favorite gaming series is the Earth Defense Force games developed by Sandlot.The latest game, Earth Defense Force 5 on PS4 released later this year, is looking great and the updated Fencer class is rather impressive along with it.

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'NBA 2K17' All-Star Weekend MyTEAM Collection: Shooters And Dunkers Galore

Posted on 02/18 19:59 in Deals | 0

If you're an NBA 2K17 MyTEAM fan, and you are also a collection chaser, your major focus should be completing the All-Star Weekend set.You can only acquire the cards by purchasing All-Star Weekend packs, or by visiting the auction house.

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Newly restored nuclear test footage now available on YouTube

Posted on 03/16 16:24 in Shows | 0

The US filmed every single nuclear test, and some of those films have now been declassified.As the Cold War ramped up, the US detonated hundreds of nuclear weapons in the South Pacific and American Southwest as it built ever more powerful bombs.

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At SXSW 2017, assessing the future of warfare and the US military

Posted on 03/16 16:24 in Shows | 0

But DARPA isn’t necessarily good at envisioning all the uses of that technology, including possible military ones.Video games also feature the ability to control various weapons and machines with intuitive augmented reality (AR) interfaces.

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A US ally just shot down a $200 drone with a $3.4 million Patriot missile

Posted on 03/16 22:38 in Shows | 0

The MIM-104 Patriot missile is a surface-to-air system that combines an advanced radar with an interceptor missile.But at least one Patriot missile had a confirmed hit, albeit not a very attractive one.

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SXSW 2017: A look at the complex cyber security chess game

Posted on 03/17 15:42 in Shows | 0

He framed cyber conflict by defining terms, and comparing and contrasting cyber conflict with traditional armed conflict.To start, he refutes that we should consider cyber war as another domain of war, like land, sea, or air.

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Russia ramps its submarine patrols back to Soviet-era levels as it modernizes its fleet

Posted on 04/05 14:20 in Shows | 0

The head of the Russian Navy, Admiral Vladimir Korolyov, has stated that Russian submarines now spend more days at-sea and on-patrol than at any time since the Cold War.Kazan is a Yasen-class attack submarine (NATO reporting name, “Severodvinsk”), considered analogous to the United States’ SSGN (nuclear guided-missile submarine).

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explains: What is the MOAB?

Posted on 04/14 21:32 in Shows | 0

American forces dropped the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) bomb on an ISIS cave complex in Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan, early in the morning local time on April 13, 2017.The MOAB device bears a charge of 18,700 lbs (8500 kg), composed mostly of H6, which is itself made of RDX.

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