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Apple kills Thunderbolt Display, marking first time company isn’t selling a monitor in 35 years

Posted on 06/24 22:24 in Shows | 0

Earlier this summer, we reported on speculation that Apple would soon retire its ancient 1440p Thunderbolt Display, only to replace it with a 4K or 5K panel.That would mean the company isn’t selling its own monitor (LCD or CRT) for the first time since the early 1980s, before the first Mac even came out.

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Researchers: Hackers could weaponize up to a billion monitors to spy on everyone

Posted on 08/08 15:03 in Shows | 0

Most of the time when we talk about PC security, we talk about either the operating system or the hardware that it runs on.The team initially hacked the Dell U2410 monitor using a USB port, but were also able to hack the hardware using the HDMI cable.

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Apple's new dongle-happy MacBook Pros not fully compatible with Thunderbolt 3 peripherals

Posted on 11/09 13:40 in Shows | 0

Now, news has surfaced that Apple’s newest MacBook Pro hardware may not be compatible with Thunderbolt 3 peripherals already on the market.After all, Thunderbolt 3 is Thunderbolt 3… right?

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Dell unveils 8K 32-inch monitor at CES 2017, and it's shipping this year

Posted on 01/06 17:30 in Shows | 0

It was only a few years ago that 4K panels were the cutting-edge technology on display at CES.This new 8K panel offers 33.

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