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Nintendo Is Suddenly No Longer Selling The Switch's Standalone TV Dock

Posted on 03/07 18:52 in Deals | 0

I have reached out to Nintendo to ask them directly why this has happened, though I haven’t heard back yet.A different explanation for the dock’s disappearance from Nintendo’s store could just be an issue with stock or the storefront itself.

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The Nintendo Switch's TV Dock Is Not Being Recalled Or Replaced, It's Just Out Of Stock

Posted on 03/08 05:43 in Deals | 0

Earlier today, I wrote about the buzz surrounding a recent change on the Nintendo online store, the fact that you can no longer buy a standalone TV dock for the Switch.Previously, the item was sold for $90, and allowed Switch owners to more easily swap the unit between multiple TVs in their home.

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This Fan Turned an Old N64 into a Working Switch Dock

Posted on 03/29 17:03 in More | 0

No live N64 consoles were harmed in the creation of this dock.One Nintendo Switch owner apparently decided that they weren't happy enough with the Nintendo Switch dock, so they replaced it with a modified Nintendo 64.

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