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New data suggests Europa’s ice cover produces significant amounts of heat

Posted on 04/05 05:43 in Shows | 0

New data modeling suggests that Europa may have even more energy to play with than we thought it did — and energy is critical for any life that might exist.We already know that Europa is covered in a thick ice crust and that there’s almost certainly a vast liquid ocean underneath all the ice.

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NASA’s big announcement was worth the wait: confirmed cryovolcanoes on Europa

Posted on 09/26 22:17 in Shows | 0

After much anticipation, NASA held a press conference on Monday to detail new findings from images of Jupiter’s moon Europa.These plumes of water ice, sometimes referred to as “cryovolcanoes,” are exciting targets for further scientific study.

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Mach diamonds, Mars ambitions, and a shiny new telescope: this week in space

Posted on 09/30 17:22 in Shows | 0

China fired up the largest radio telescope in the world earlier this week.The Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST) is nearly double the size of the Arecibo observatory, and they didn’t stop there.

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Cold, mysterious, and also sad: this week in space

Posted on 01/20 20:15 in Shows | 0

Elsewhere in the solar system, the latest data from Pluto shows us evidence of jagged, spiky, needle-like surface features called “penitentes.Lead author John Moores says these penitentes may well be found in other locations across the solar system.

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This week in space: Pluto, Europa, and 96 Planet nanosats

Posted on 02/17 17:34 in Shows | 0

India just set a world record by sending 104 satellites into space in a single launch.” Counting the 96 new ones, that brings Planet’s constellation to 149, which is also a world record.

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A rocket, a rover, and a moon: this week in space

Posted on 03/25 14:08 in Shows | 0

Next week SpaceX is going to reuse its first reusable rocket, launching it from their new digs at Pad 39A.It was used in April 2016 to complete its first resupply mission of the International Space Station (including delivery of the Bigelow expandable habitat).

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NASA Debuts 3D-Printed Space Chain Mail

Posted on 04/27 18:37 in Shows | 0

So, in a reductionist sense, this new metal fabric is like chain mail, except with stuff attached to it.One side has little square metal plates on all the rings, to provide an almost unbroken surface of metal armor.

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Moons Like Europa May Offer No Refuge to Humanity as the Sun Brightens

Posted on 08/01 21:41 in Shows | 0

While this effect is not visible at human timescales, it has tremendous implications for our planet in the long term.By the 1-billion-year mark, Earth is expected to be uninhabitable, but the sun won’t exit the main sequence for another 4.

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NASA Has a New Six-Figure Job Opening to Protect Earth From Aliens

Posted on 08/02 14:59 in Shows | 0

Here’s how NASA’s job posting describes the position, which pays from $124,400 to $187,000: Planetary protection is concerned with the avoidance of organic-constituent and biological contamination in human and robotic space exploration.This isn’t particularly fanciful; there are microbes on our own planet that survive in conditions vastly different from those that typify Earth’s surface.

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