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Warrantless spying on Americans more than doubled since 2013: oversight report

Posted on 05/10 18:18 in Shows | 0

The problem is the so-called “incidental” collection of Americans’ communications, which puts them in the NSA’s vast “702 database.” Once a US person’s personal information is in the database, it’s as searchable as anything else that was collected legitimately.

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Apple opens iPhone kernel to improve performance without reducing security

Posted on 06/24 16:15 in Shows | 0

For the last few years, Apple has made security and privacy cornerstones of its iOS development process.While that case ended without resolving the core question at hand, the FBI dropped the case because it claimed it now had access to the data it wanted from the iPhone — even without Apple’s help.

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Computer coughs up passwords, encryption keys through its cooling fans

Posted on 06/29 21:16 in Shows | 0

(The term pre-dates wireless internet, and a Wi-Fi-connected computer is not air-gapped, despite the literal gap of air around it.) So how do you hack your way into an air-gapped computer?

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Microsoft leaks Secure Boot credentials, demonstrates why backdoor ‘golden keys’ can’t work

Posted on 08/11 14:28 in Shows | 0

The basic Secure Boot system can also be modified through the use of Secure Boot policies — special sets of rules that load during the boot process and modify it in some fashion.Now, what happens if you tell everyone to make a “secure golden key” system?

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Leaked manuals confirm Stingrays can be used for mass surveillance, bypassing smartphone security

Posted on 09/13 16:55 in Shows | 0

Nearly four years ago, the Electronic Privacy Information Center released FBI documents discussing a controversial surveillance technique.Both federal and local authorities often have access to cell phone surveillance hardware, dubbed Stingrays (Harris Corp.

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Here come the appeals: White House report attacks modern forensic science

Posted on 09/22 16:41 in Shows | 0

The FBI said that it “disagrees with many” of the report’s claims that it “makes broad, unsupported assertions regarding science and forensic science practice.” This will be an uphill battle for those who agree with this White House report.

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From civil liberties champion to turncoat: Yahoo built specialized software to spy on users for the NSA

Posted on 10/04 20:55 in Shows | 0

One of the more interesting things we learned in 2013 was that certain companies had fought the NSA tooth and nail — and Yahoo had led the charge.When its challenge failed, it appealed the case to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review.

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Feds demand fingerprints from all home residents to unlock their phones

Posted on 10/17 20:23 in Shows | 0

But it offers absolutely no protection against the government, and can be compelled from suspects without raising any Fifth Amendment concerns.This was driven home with a vengeance over the weekend, when a May 2016 warrant application surfaced.

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Ransomware shuts down San Fran transit, but the hacker just got hacked

Posted on 11/30 19:13 in Shows | 0

This week, the San Fransisco transit system experienced the latest in a growing trend of “ransomware” attacks against important pieces of infrastructure.There is some good news, though: as reported by Forbes, it seems that the hacker has had his or her own email address infiltrated in retaliation.

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Dark patterns and the dark web: FBI joins Rule 41 in setting troubling precedent

Posted on 12/02 15:47 in Shows | 0

The FBI seized the physical server hardware under a previous warrant, but that wasn’t enough to get the people involved.Rule 41 is the latest in a long series of state surveillance encroachments, although onto what is a topic of some debate.

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FBI, DHS release report on Russian hacking as administration-ordered sanctions take effect

Posted on 12/30 13:38 in Shows | 0

As of yesterday, we have both a joint report from the US’ various federal agencies as well as a formal announcement of sanctions to be taken against the Russian government.The report, which you can read here, is a joint product of the FBI and Department of Homeland Security on the actions of the Russian civilian and military intelligence services (RIS).

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The government's public evidence falls short of proving Russian involvement in the DNC hack

Posted on 01/09 22:08 in Shows | 0

The following terms are used and defined within the ODNI report.Members of Congress, who have received their own classified intelligence briefings, have signed on to the government’s findings.

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Jeff Sessions, Trump's pick for attorney general, will likely renew fight against strong encryption

Posted on 01/26 13:40 in Shows | 0

But Apple’s staunch defense and widespread dissent in the court of public opinion led the bureau to back down.Jeff Sessions (R-AL), President Trump’s choice for attorney general, is unlikely to let that decision stand once he is confirmed — and he’s expected to be confirmed with strong Republican support.

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explains: All about the dark web, and how to use it

Posted on 03/01 17:50 in Shows | 0

In fact, under the hood, the dark web is the same as the regular web, with two important exceptions that also distinguish the dark web from the deep web.That relative inaccessibility is because the dark web uses a complete, but fundamentally different, network addressing system than the web addresses most of us know and use.

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FBI charges Russian spies over Yahoo hack

Posted on 03/15 22:21 in Shows | 0

These claims were initially met with disdain — there was no evidence, at the time, of foreign involvement.At least one hacker, Alexsey Belan, is believed to be cooperating directly with the Russian FSB (the main successor to the KGB).

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Finally! Proof Russia Hacked The Election

Posted on 03/21 11:03 in Deals | 0

With great anticipation, Americans gathered around their televisions to watch the hearings of the Senate Intelligence Committee.But there's an investigation.

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