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Why you’re better off waiting a few more months to upgrade your GPU

Posted on 11/01 21:43 in Shows | 0

Yesterday, Nvidia took the wraps off its high-end GP100 GPU and gave us a look at what its top-end HPC configuration would look like come Q1 2017.If you’re thinking about using some of your tax rebate on a new GPU or just eyeing the market in general, we’d recommend waiting at least a few more months before pulling the trigger.

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Upcoming Nvidia GTX 1080 pictured, may not use HBM2

Posted on 08/08 03:30 in Shows | 0

It’s no secret that AMD and Nvidia are planning to launch new GPUs in the next few months, but there are still questions about configurations and technology.Initially, we expected these new cards to use the HBM2 memory standard, but the persistent rumor has been that AMD’s upcoming Polaris would be GDDR5 based.

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Nvidia’s GTX 1080 redefines high-end gaming performance

Posted on 05/17 18:47 in Shows | 0

While the GTX 1080 isn’t scheduled to launch until May 27, Nvidia has lifted the curtain on the GPUs performance and technical advances.The GTX 1080 packs 25% more cores and 25% more texture units than the GTX 980 it replaces, along with a much higher base clock (1.

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AMD announces new Radeon RX 480: VR-ready, at a budget price

Posted on 06/01 23:21 in Shows | 0

The new RX 480 is a midrange card that AMD claims will deliver dramatic performance improvements in VR and 3D gaming.The RX 480, which will ship on June 29, is a 14nm GPU built at GlobalFoundries.

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Lies, damned lies, and benchmarks: Futuremark responds to accusations of bias in new DirectX 12 Time Spy test

Posted on 07/21 15:24 in Shows | 0

Last week, Futuremark released Time Spy, a new DirectX 12 benchmark that takes full advantage of DX12’s features and capabilities, including asynchronous compute.Much of the confusion on this topic is related to what Time Spy tests and how it implements support for asynchronous compute in DirectX 12.

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Nvidia Titan X offers incredible performance, at a significant cost

Posted on 08/03 21:49 in Shows | 0

That’s gone at the top end — even when the Fury X manages to trade shots with the GTX 1080, Nvidia’s Titan X obliterates them both by 20-40%.If you want the absolute best GPU performance money can buy, the Nvidia Titan X is the best GPU on the market.

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AMD’s RX 470 debuts with excellent performance below the $200 GPU price point

Posted on 08/05 13:51 in Shows | 0

Today, AMD formally launched its new RX 470, the slimmed-down little brother of the larger RX 480.An RX 470 that offers 95% of RX 480 performance in a smaller power envelope and for $20 less is a winning deal; an RX 470 at 85% of RX 480 performance and $20 less isn’t as compelling.

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AMD may delay next-gen Vega, confirms Zen on track for Q1 2017

Posted on 08/31 21:46 in Shows | 0

Polaris would arrive in mid-2016, while Vega, the company’s big GPU follow-up, would slip in at the end of the year.At its Sonoma event in December 2015, AMD implied it would launch a larger variant of Polaris first, followed by a brand-new architecture, Vega, later in the year.

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New rumors claim to shed light on AMD’s upcoming Vega 10 and 11 GPUs, forecast 7nm Vega 20

Posted on 09/20 23:06 in Shows | 0

There’s a new set of rumors cropping up about AMD’s Vega.That works out to up to 1TB/s of memory bandwidth for a full implementation — and the first-generation HBM implementations that AMD shipped were full implementations.

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AMD reveals new Radeon GPU architecture, codenamed Vega

Posted on 01/05 16:21 in Shows | 0

These entry-level to midrange cards would be followed by a full high-end refresh based on a new GPU design, codenamed Vega.One of the most common misconceptions about GPU RAM allocation and the popular freeware utility GPU-Z is that GPU-Z is capable of telling you how much RAM the GPU is actually using.

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Microsoft will unveil Scorpio on June 11: Here's what we'd like to see

Posted on 02/16 15:23 in Shows | 0

The Xbox One was a multimedia system where you could watch TV and game (despite lacking a DVR).The PS4 / PS4 Pro have outsold the Xbox One by nearly 2:1 (an estimated 28.

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Cryptocurrency Craze Sends GPU Prices Skyrocketing - Again

Posted on 06/22 22:56 in Shows | 0

Back in 2013, during the height of the GPU bitcoin mining craze and before ASICs had taken over the market, prices for video cards reached absurd levels.Now we’re seeing the same thing happen again — only this time, it’s hitting both AMD and Nvidia cards.

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