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Samsung announces fourth-gen 14nm node, plans 10nm improvements, and shows off 7nm EUV wafer

Posted on 11/04 14:20 in Shows | 0

Like Intel, Samsung intends to offer multiple generations of a single process node — but unlike Intel, it isn’t debuting a new strategy in lieu of maintaining a quick transition roadmap.When foundries add new iterations of existing process nodes, it’s typically because they’ve got customers who are interested in those process nodes and want to take advantage of them.

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Qualcomm claims it will lead the mobile industry with Snapdragon 835, 10nm manufacturing

Posted on 11/21 21:23 in Shows | 0

This quick 10nm ramp will happen in partnership with Samsung, which also led the industry on early 14nm technology.“We are excited to continue working together with Samsung in developing products that lead the mobile industry,” said Keith Kressin, senior vice president, product management, Qualcomm Technologies.

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TSMC announces plans for $16 billion foundry to push the envelope on 5nm, 3nm process nodes

Posted on 12/12 14:23 in Shows | 0

7 billion foundry facility focused on the upcoming 5nm and 3nm process nodes.Even once a facility is running some volume, it can take 9-12 months to bring the entire fabrication plant fully online.

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450mm silicon wafers aren't happening any time soon as major consortium collapses

Posted on 01/13 22:53 in Shows | 0

A few years ago, multiple high-end companies were backing the idea of moving from 300mm to 450mm silicon wafers.Historically, moving to larger wafers was a critical way that foundries and fabs cut prices and improved yields.

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Intel will finally finish Fab 42 in Arizona, bring new 7nm capacity online

Posted on 02/08 21:29 in Shows | 0

Several years ago, Intel announced that it wouldn’t finish its 14nm manufacturing plant, Fab 42.Now, Intel has announced that it will be bringing Fab 42 online, but not as a 14nm facility.

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Intel claims three-year advantage on 10nm, wants to redefine process nodes

Posted on 03/31 15:57 in Shows | 0

At 10nm, Intel is moving the contact to directly under the gate, which frees up additional transistor space.The slides below includes visualizations of these improvements and how they collectively improve Intel’s 10nm process node.

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Intel CEO admits to industry-wide conspiracy to slow CPU advances, kill frequency boosts

Posted on 04/01 14:05 in Shows | 0

“We actually got the idea from Craig Barrett,” said Krzanich, referring to Intel’s CEO from 1998 – 2005.“Back in the late 1990s, the Pentium 4 was controversial because it dramatically increased clock speeds without delivering a corresponding performance improvement.

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Foundry Futures: TSMC, Samsung, GlobalFoundries, and Intel Gear Up For 7nm and Beyond

Posted on 05/10 15:37 in Shows | 0

Over the past few years, companies like Samsung, TSMC, and GlobalFoundries have all jockeyed for the pole position in the highly competitive (and extremely expensive) foundry business.This is most apparent with Intel; its 10nm node is expected to be equivalent to 7nm from TSMC.

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AMD Clarifies Vega and Server Rollouts, Talks Zen Follow-Ups

Posted on 05/23 23:19 in Shows | 0

Let’s break it down: During AMD’s financial analyst day, it unveiled a roadmap for Zen that showed 14nm/14nm+, followed by a Zen 2 and Zen 3.This implies we’ll see a refreshed Zen point-update at some point on a second-generation 14nm process.

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Samsung Wants to Lead the Foundry Business to 4nm and Beyond

Posted on 05/24 22:14 in Shows | 0

A few weeks back, we covered foundry plans over the next few years for TSMC, Samsung, GlobalFoundries, and Intel.The company is planning to launch a variety of new process capabilities, including new technology nodes, the introduction of Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography (EUV), and its own fully depleted SOI (FDSOI) technology.

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IBM Announces 5nm Breakthrough Using Silicon Nanosheets

Posted on 06/06 15:10 in Shows | 0

The diagram below shows the progression from a traditional 2D transistor (left) to a FinFET structure (right), to a GAAFET (bottom).The structure of the IBM nanosheet design means that the fin, which formerly stuck “up” out of the transistor, is now effectively a silicon nanowire.

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Intel Quietly Threatens Microsoft, Qualcomm Over x86 Emulation

Posted on 06/12 21:30 in Shows | 0

Enforcement actions have been unnecessary in recent years because other companies have respected Intel’s intellectual property rights.However, there have been reports that some companies may try to emulate Intel’s proprietary x86 ISA without Intel’s authorization.

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7nm Semiconductor Tech to Arrive in 3 Stages: GlobalFoundries

Posted on 06/27 16:21 in Shows | 0

But companies like Samsung, GlobalFoundries, and TSMC have defined a system of short and long-lived nodes, with different characteristics and their own individual roadmaps for how long each node will last.Unlike TSMC and Samsung, both of which have 10nm products on their roadmaps, GlobalFoundries opted to leap straight for 7nm after licensing 14nm production from Samsung.

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ASML Claims Major EUV Lithography Milestone

Posted on 07/20 18:16 in Shows | 0

Manufacturers like Intel, TSMC, GlobalFoundries, and Samsung have continued to advance 193nm lithography in the absence of a functional EUV alternative.Now, ASML is claiming to have solved one of the major problems keeping EUV lithography from release, though it’s doing so in extremely carefully worded language.

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Samsung Wants to Triple Its Foundry Market Share in Just 5 Years

Posted on 07/25 14:38 in Shows | 0

Jung, executive vice president and head of Samsung’s foundry division, has now told the press that the firm wants a 25 percent share of contract manufacturing.But there’s an interesting discrepancy between Samsung’s overall position in the market and its specific position in contract manufacturing.

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Details Leak on Intel's Upcoming Ice Lake CPU, 10nm Schedule

Posted on 08/16 16:29 in Shows | 0

The new, 10nm chip will be codenamed Ice Lake and isn’t expected to debut until after Coffee Lake, which is expected to launch later this year on the 14nm++ process.Right now, it looks as if Intel will introduce 10nm parts (codenamed Cannon Lake) only in 2018.

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AMD: Ryzen Development Was a 'Worst-Case Scenario'

Posted on 09/07 17:34 in Shows | 0

According to AMD’s desktop CPU marketing manager, Don Woligroski, all this progress took place at what he calls a worst-case scenario for AMD.Historically, both AMD and Intel have preferred to evolve existing architectures over launching new ones precisely because new CPU architectures are so risky.

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Samsung Announces New 11nm Process, Targets EUV Ramp in 2018

Posted on 09/12 18:04 in Shows | 0

First, the company is announcing a new “11nm” process, which it claims will deliver “up to 15 percent higher performance and up to 10 percent chip area reduction with the same power consumption.” It’s also the first prime number we’ve used for a process node in a very long time; you have to go back to the 2um node for the last one.

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AMD Will Use 'New' GlobalFoundries 12nm Node for Future CPUs, GPUs

Posted on 09/22 13:55 in Shows | 0

At the GlobalFoundries Technology Conference this week, AMD’s CTO, Mark Papermaster, announced his firm would use GlobalFoundries’ new 12nm LP process node for upcoming products.The reason the company can do that, almost without question, is 12nm isn’t an actual process node by the old definition at all.

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IBM z14 Mainframe CPUs to Use 14nm FinFET SOI Design

Posted on 09/25 14:57 in Shows | 0

When GlobalFoundries bought IBM’s semiconductor business two years ago, it signed a number of agreements to continue to manufacture IBM hardware and to provide facilities that would meet IBM’s manufacturing requirements.This week, the company announced that it would deploy a new 14nm FinFET process to build IBM’s z14 mainframe processors — and it’ll use SOI (silicon-on-insulator) as well.

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