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New Doom update adds Vulkan support, AMD claims substantial performance boost

Posted on 07/11 23:11 in Shows | 0

According to AMD, the RX 480 is up to 27% faster in 1080p when using Vulkan and 23% faster in 1440p.1 and Windows 10 x64 using the game DOOM on the ultra preset.

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AMD, Firaxis announce joint partnership to bring DirectX 12 to Civilization VI

Posted on 07/13 22:18 in Shows | 0

Now, AMD and Firaxis have jointly announced that the upcoming Civilization VI will be built around DirectX 12, with features like asynchronous compute and explicit multi-adapter GPU support.We haven’t written much about Civilization VI since the game’s announcement and some of the information that’s come out looks quite encouraging.

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Drill baby drill: Japanese scientists hope to reach the Earth's mantle in massive borehole project

Posted on 04/10 15:50 in Shows | 0

Despite multiple previous attempts and multiple boreholes of significant depth, we’ve never managed to drill far enough to see what lies beneath the Earth’s rocky crust.All of the drilling sites are in the ocean because the Earth’s crust is roughly twice as thick on land as it is over water.

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