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Watch The 'Fire Emblem' Nintendo Direct Right Here

Posted on 01/18 20:13 in Deals | 0

We know that both a Fire Emblem mobile game and a Fire Emblem/Dynasty Warriors game are in the works, so it's safe to bet that Nintendo will address both these titles in today's stream.However, it's also possible – if unlikely – that an actual turn-based Fire Emblem game is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

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Nintendo confirms the Switch won't run Zelda: Breath of the Wild at 1080p

Posted on 01/18 23:07 in Shows | 0

Looking at the Switch, I suspect what we’ll see from Breath of the Wild will represent the best-case optimization for the Switch.During the Wii U run-up, in contrast, Nintendo was eager to talk about its customization and the design of the platform.

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New Core 'Fire Emblem' Games Coming To 3DS, Mobile And Nintendo Switch

Posted on 01/18 23:24 in Deals | 0

The first Fire Emblem announced during today's announcement was Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows Of Velentia.It's yet another 3DS Fire Emblem game.

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The 5 Biggest Problems With The Nintendo Switch

Posted on 01/19 13:00 in Deals | 0

The Nintendo Switch is almost upon us, and Nintendo's newest console is looking like a nice change of pace from the long-suffering Wii U.Here are the five biggest problems with the Nintendo Switch heading toward the system's March 3rd release.

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'Super Mario Run' Should Be Free-To-Play On Android

Posted on 01/19 19:02 in Deals | 0

Oddly enough, the game felt as though it had been designed as a free-to-play game and then, last minute, slapped with a price-tag instead.I've come around to this way of thinking, but even more so I think Nintendo should release Super Mario Run as a free-to-play game on Android where piracy is far, far higher and a much bigger monetization problem.

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The One And Only Way Nintendo Can Make The Switch A Giant Hit

Posted on 01/19 20:43 in Deals | 0

The Nintendo Switch is out in the open now, and Nintendo is doing its best to gear the gaming public up for an unconventional March release.Also, it has motion controls.

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In case you hadn't realised, Nintendo isn't making any more Wii U games

Posted on 01/21 14:21 in More | 0

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be the last game created by Nintendo for Wii U, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has confirmed." However, Nintendo isn't planning to shut down the Wii U's online services just yet.

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Breath of the Wild closing out Wii U for Nintendo

Posted on 01/21 14:22 in More | 0

If you needed any more proof that the Wii U is all but dead, here it is.The last game that Nintendo will release on the Wii U is -officially- Breath of the Wild.

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Why Zelda: Breath of the Wild Being on Wii U is Bad for the Switch

Posted on 01/21 14:23 in More | 0

But in the midst of all the pre-release chaos, the company also gave an update on the state of its last console, the Wii U.But the announcement that Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be the final Wii U game is big news for those who are hoping to play Wii U titles via virtual console on the Switch.

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Nintendo Switch won't have video services such as Netflix at launch

Posted on 01/21 14:31 in More | 0

Video game systems are now one of the most common ways for consumers to access video streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon, but those picking up a Nintendo Switch in March will have no such ability, Nintendo has confirmed to Kotaku.Asked if the console will support streaming services, Nintendo said such functionality won't be available at launch.

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Nintendo Switch Not Having Netflix For Launch is No Big Deal

Posted on 01/21 17:50 in More | 0

The latest news for the Nintendo Switch has revealed that there will be no Netflix or any streaming services available on the console at launch.While it’s disappointing that these services won’t be available at the start, it really is not a very big deal.

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Nintendo Thinks The Switch Won't Suffer The Same Fate As The Wii U

Posted on 01/22 18:02 in Deals | 0

In a recent but brief interview with Reggie Fils-Aimé, he talks about how he thinks the Nintendo Switch won’t fail in the same way the Wii U did.He makes some interesting points though, which are as follows: Nintendo Switch is a home console you can play anywhere, with anyone.

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Capcom Says It Has No Plans To Bring Resident Evil 7 To Nintendo Switch

Posted on 01/23 03:08 in More | 0

Bad news for Resident Evil fans hoping for a Nintendo reunion: Capcom has stated it isn't happening anytime soon.The newest installment in the survival horror franchise, Resident Evil 7, comes out this Tuesday for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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Why It Matters 'Resident Evil 7' Isn't Coming To The Nintendo Switch Either

Posted on 01/23 16:05 in Deals | 0

This week marks arguably the biggest release of 2017 so far, as Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is coming to Xbox One, PS4, PC and PSVR.The Wii had Resident Evil 4, RE: Umbrella Chronicles, RE: Darkside Chronicles, and RE Zero while the Wii U had Resident Evil: Revelations.

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Casual Gamers Won't Buy The Nintendo Switch

Posted on 01/23 17:50 in Deals | 0

In its early days, I think that the Switch is going to be largely the territory of core gamers and few else.The Switch has that casual/core dichotomy baked into it from the start.

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See the Nintendo Switch touch screen in action

Posted on 01/24 13:23 in More | 0

Nintendo hasn't been awfully forthcoming about the specs of the Nintendo Switch, but has confirmed that the device sports a 720p 6.2-inch, multi-touch capacitive touch screen.

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Brutally Honest Podcast 13: The Sleepycast

Posted on 01/24 14:58 in More | 0

Erich, Dylan, Jason and Nadia are here to again bring you through this week’s gaming news and events!The cast, especially Erich, is a little sleepy.

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