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Banjo-Kazooie (Nintendo 64) Retro Review

Posted on 04/27 18:06 in More | 0

I’m not going to pretend that the premise and story of Banjo-Kazooie was groundbreaking.For the uninitiated though, here we go: Banjo’s little sister is taken hostage by a mean witch, Gruntilda.

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Nintendo reports strong sales, projects profits leading into new period

Posted on 04/27 18:24 in More | 0

The numbers don’t lie in Nintendo’s fiscal year end report, projecting profits driven by strong sales for the Switch, the new Zelda and Pokemon.In a release showing the company’s financial figures up to the fiscal period ending March 31, 2017, Nintendo reported strong sales for its new console the Nintendo Switch, with 2.

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The Nintendo Switch Has Managed To Sell 2.74 Million Units Globally

Posted on 04/27 19:31 in Deals | 0

74 million sales worldwide.As launches go, it’s a solid one and the Switch already managed to outpace the PS4 during its launch window.

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Nintendo Switch Sales Boom, Could Surpass Wii U in Just Over a Year

Posted on 04/27 21:17 in Shows | 0

When Nintendo announced the Switch, many weren’t quite sure what to make of it, or how much of an opportunity it represented.Fortunately for Nintendo, all of these issues have proven minor hiccups rather than show-stopping problems.

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Nintendo Announces the New Nintendo 2DS XL

Posted on 04/28 10:22 in More | 0

President and Chief Operating Officer of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aime, claimed: The newest iteration of Nintendo's popular handheld console boasts a new ergonomic folding design, XL screens, a C-Stick for enhanced controls, built in amiibo functionality, faster processing power, and a deep library of games playable in 2D.As of right now, the New Nintendo 2DS XL will only come in two different colors: black with light blue trim and buttons, and white with orange trim and buttons.

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New 2DS XL out this Summer

Posted on 04/28 13:10 in More | 0

Out of nowhere, Nintendo has announced it's adding to their DS slate of handheld devices with the New 2DS XL.Launching on July 28, the New 2DS XL will be available in two colours: White + Orange, and Black + Turquoise.

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No big E3 press conference for Nintendo this year

Posted on 04/28 13:40 in More | 0

Nintendo has confirmed that the company will, once again, 'not be hosting a large-scale press conference' at E3 this year.In Nintendo's latest earnings report they confirmed this, but also stated that 'Nintendo of America will present further information on our plans at a later date,' making it sound like we'll get something like the Nintendo Treehouse livestream from last year, or a Nintendo Direct style presentation.

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Nintendo Being Nintendo Randomly Announces The New 2DS XL

Posted on 04/28 15:33 in Deals | 0

Naturally, it’s time to announce the New 2DS XL.In what almost seems like a really late April Fool’s Joke, Nintendo did indeed decide to randomly roll out a significant new piece of hardware last night, a so-called “third option” in their self-contained market, as the New 2DS XL will slide in between the existing 2DS and the New 3DS XL.

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Nintendo Announces a New Handheld - the New 2DS XL

Posted on 04/28 15:54 in More | 0

In a move that was a bit unexpected, Nintendo has announced a new handheld that will launch this summer: the New 2DS XL.Those folks got a bit of a surprise today, as Nintendo announced a brand new handheld: the New Nintendo 2DS XL.

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2DS Still Alive, 'New' XL Unit Hits in July

Posted on 04/28 18:32 in More | 0

The new model features a clamshell design, including a c-stick and a built-in NFC reader for Amiibo functionality.The screen size is the same as the already released New Nintendo 3DS XL (February 13, 2015).

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Nintendo's New 2DS XL, 3DS And Switch Can All Peacefully Coexist...For Now

Posted on 04/28 19:04 in Deals | 0

The Switch is a portable console, the Switch is a living room console, and the Switch would appear to be the future of the company all rolled into one.Which, apparently, isn't stopping Nintendo from announcing a new portable console.

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Nintendo Confirms it Won't Have a Press Conference at E3 This Year

Posted on 04/28 21:20 in More | 0

If you were hoping that Nintendo might return with a full-fledged press conference at this year's E3, we've got some bad new for you.Since 2013, Nintendo has forgone the trip to E3 to hold a massive press conference.

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Nintendo Announces New 2DS XL, Returns to Clamshell Design

Posted on 04/28 22:13 in Shows | 0

Now, Nintendo has released a new budget-oriented version of its 3DS XL, the New 2DS XL.The New 2DS XL drops the slate form factor that the 2DS favored and returns to a clamshell design.

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Nintendo on Supply Issues: "Sometimes we Get it Wrong"

Posted on 04/29 04:37 in More | 0

First, the NES Classic Edition, released in September, had some pretty awful issues.Then, even the Nintendo Switch (while no-where near as bad as the NES) still had trouble meeting shipment demand in a few places.

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I Took My Nintendo Switch To A Bar, And I Was Surprised By What Happened

Posted on 04/29 19:23 in Deals | 0

I had expressed a certain sentiment many times in articles here at Forbes about Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and the Nintendo Switch.I steeled myself, located the Joy-Con attachments that would allow for two player Mario Kart, and headed to a real bar, in the real world, where real people would be drinking.

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The New Nintendo 2DS XL Is A 3DS Killer, Not A Threat To The Switch

Posted on 04/29 19:38 in Deals | 0

The Nintendo 2DS XL is brilliant, beautiful, and does something I didn't think was possible just a couple days ago: It effectively kills off the 3DS, rendering it completely and totally irrelevant.) Besides, the 2DS XL will be better for younger players, and its price-point makes it incredibly attractive as a family purchase.

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Sonic the Hedgehog Spins Up a Diss at Nintendo

Posted on 04/30 05:21 in More | 0

To celebrate Mario Kart 8's release on the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo tweeted about the addition of "Mario Kart buildings" for their mobile title, Super Mario Run.Then they followed up with this image: The official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter, verified with 2.

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After 45 Years At Nintendo, Genyo Takeda Is Retiring

Posted on 04/30 18:00 in Deals | 0

After 45 years at Nintendo, executive and technology fellow Genyo Takeda will retire from the company this June.He primarily worked on the hardware for a variety of gaming systems over the years and was technically the company’s first game designer.

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