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Steam machine sales are abysmal, SteamOS may be dead in the water

Posted on 06/02 23:14 in Shows | 0

Weak Steam Machine sales means lower developer interest and decreased willingness to launch on SteamOS.The platform may have also been hampered by its lack of exclusive titles and a general dearth of AAA games.

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- Your Game Development Resource

Posted on 07/30 06:03 in More | 0

Spent three days making a game for another gameJam.It was rather challenging since I had to create models for stuff that I had yet attempted.

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Hell freezes over as Microsoft joins the Linux Foundation

Posted on 11/17 16:08 in Shows | 0

Now, Microsoft announced it was joining the Linux Foundation.That’s not a completely unprecedented move, given that Microsoft has been getting steadily chummier with open source software over the last few years.

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Apple finally upgrades the Mac Pro, admits the trash can design sucks

Posted on 04/04 20:47 in Shows | 0

Just over four years ago, Apple unveiled a new Mac Pro that it swore would reinvent the concept of a workstation.Today, the company finally took a small step towards upgrading the current Mac Pro design, but it also acknowledged what we’ve all known for years — the trash can aesthetic of the 2013 Mac Pro make it a serious pain to work with.

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My new love : ShaderToy

Posted on 07/04 11:25 in More | 0

For everybody new - or not so new - to shaders, hear this:  Not only is it just bloody amazing what you find there, it's veeeeeery educational.No hassle with setting up the GPU pipeline yourself - you only need a WebGL capable browser (most are).

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