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Intel may be preparing aggressive rounds of job cuts

Posted on 02/28 14:09 in Shows | 0

Earlier this month, we covered the relentless shrinking of the PC market and the departure of long-time Intel executives in Intel’s mobile segments.Much of that work has been done on Intel’s leading-edge research firm, Fab D1X, and might not be affected by the cuts.

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ComScore: Computer usage falls as 20% of millennials go mobile-only

Posted on 04/12 21:51 in Shows | 0

According to new report from comScore, computer use is dropping off quickly as mobile devices encourage new types of interaction.The data gathered by comScore points to substantial year-over-year drops in desktop usage.

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AMD announces x86 licensing deal, $293 million joint venture to build servers for China

Posted on 07/31 16:09 in Shows | 0

Over the past year, AMD has often hinted that it would announce a major new semi-custom win in early 2016.Asked point-blank whether AMD had licensed x86 IP to the THATIC joint venture, CEO Lisa Su confirmed that it had.

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Why modern HDTVs still aren’t as good as monitors for gaming

Posted on 06/14 14:58 in Shows | 0

First, there’s the issue of input lag.One of the problems with HDTV gaming is that input lag on the best TVs is still higher than on top monitors.

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Microsoft preps its last Windows 10 push — a full-screen upgrade nag

Posted on 07/06 13:34 in Shows | 0

The good news is, more than 11 months after launching Windows 10, Microsoft is finally going to let you choose to decline the upgrade for good, forever, period.With the Windows 10 upgrade period drawing to a close, it’ll be interesting to see how many devices the company captures in this final push.

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New GTA V Redux mod gives Grand Theft Auto a massive graphics and gameplay overhaul

Posted on 07/08 17:18 in Shows | 0

While not every game is moddable, titles that support modding are more likely to spawn robust, long-lasting communities.Grand Theft Auto V was a huge success that people would be playing no matter what — but the fact that it supports modding is why we’re getting a major graphics overhaul courtesy of Grand Theft Auto V Redux.

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Is it too hard to build a gaming PC?

Posted on 07/13 15:31 in Shows | 0

I built my first PC from scratch in the summer of 1997.I’ve compiled a rough list of hoops would-be PC enthusiasts used to have to jump through in no particular order.

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Samsung plans to slash SSD prices to hard drive levels by 2020

Posted on 09/26 21:22 in Shows | 0

Ever since solid-state drives (SSDs) hit the consumer market, they’ve offered significantly better performance than traditional hard drives (HDDs), but at a significantly higher price.The gap between SSDs and HDDs in terms of capacity and price has decreased dramatically, but hard drives still have an edge over SSDs in capacity per GB.

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The Coolest Device At Asia's Big 2017 Tech Show Will Improve Your Game

Posted on 05/29 00:01 in Deals | 0

With 1,600 exhibitors it will be hard to know where to turn first at Asia’s major high-tech show.That means PC vendors will take a big share of the May 30-June 3 event floor to show computers made for games that feel real.

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