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Google spins off self-driving car business as Waymo

Posted on 12/13 20:04 in Shows | 0

Now, the company has announced a new direction: Google is moving its self-driving car unit out of Google X, the company’s skunkworks division, and establishing it as an independent subsidiary of Alphabet, Google’s parent corporation.The new CEO of Waymo, Jon Krafcik, has previously headed Hyundai Motors America.

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Starting today, San Francisco residents can hail a self-driving Uber

Posted on 12/15 00:05 in Shows | 0

But they’ve always felt like a pie-in-the-sky technology rather than a product that could be right around the proverbial corner.It’s not the first time Uber has deployed self-driving cars, but bringing the technology to San Francisco, where Uber was founded, undoubtedly has particular meaning to the company.

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Robots are developing emotions, thanks to engineers at Honda

Posted on 12/19 16:59 in Shows | 0

Not surprisingly, the technology will first see use in a self-driving concept car Honda is developing called the NeuV (pictured, top).However, there is little reason to believe such a system would not find broader application in robots, like Pepper, that are specifically designed for human-robot interaction.

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Hyundai Ioniq self-driving car: flawless, all right turns, no danger of speeding tickets

Posted on 12/20 16:06 in Shows | 0

LAS VEGAS – The Hyundai Ioniq Autonomous Concept drove circles around Las Vegas last week.The Hyundai Ioniq test cars don’t have anything hanging off the roof or side that suggests this is a self-driving work in progress.

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CES 2017 delivered a clear vision of the car of the future

Posted on 01/10 20:44 in Shows | 0

A large part of the smartphone’s power is the connection to the cloud to enable new services and experiences across different devices.To that end, automakers — and industry suppliers — are beginning to flesh out their visions of what the “mobility experience” looks like in the future.

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Hands on with BMW's self-driving 5 Series

Posted on 01/18 17:43 in Shows | 0

And BMW actively plans to make the most of the free time afforded the drivers as well as the passengers.This self-driving BMW employed existing technology to show what’s possible even today.

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Google Waymo sues Uber over self-driving car technology

Posted on 02/24 20:16 in Shows | 0

The email included machine drawings of Otto’s LiDAR system and circuit boards — boards that were extremely similar to Google’s own designs.” That’s a damning accusation, given the proof Google has collected, and it comes at a time when Uber scarcely needs more bad news.

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Intel buys Mobileye for $15 billion to lead its self-driving car unit

Posted on 03/13 18:00 in Shows | 0

Now that approach has paid off handsomely for Mobileye’s shareholders, with an agreement to be acquired by Intel for $15 billion ($63.There has been a lot of attention paid to lidar technology for self-driving cars, especially with the recent lawsuit by Alphabet’s Waymo against Uber for alleged theft of intellectual property.

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ARM announces new DynamIQ technology, will focus on AI, machine learning, and phones

Posted on 03/21 13:07 in Shows | 0

Dubbed DynamIQ, the CPU developer has created a CPU design that expands the idea of big.Here’s how ARM describes its own DynamIQ technology: The introduction of DynamIQ is an evolutionary step forward for ARM big.

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Judge threatens injunction if Uber doesn't work harder to find stolen Google Waymo docs

Posted on 04/06 13:54 in Shows | 0

The judge has hinted he could slap Uber with an injunction that would stall its self-driving car project.According to Waymo, Anthony Levandowski obtained the files shortly before he left an engineering position at Google.

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Delphi looks to profit from your connected car's data

Posted on 04/07 22:42 in Shows | 0

However, Delphi also wants to turn a buck on the data generated by the cars and their occupants.The company collects data on the car’s operation and the interaction between the occupants and the car.

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Sony's new sensor is designed to help self-driving cars see better

Posted on 04/17 17:08 in Shows | 0

Now Sony has produced what might be the first commercially available sensor that is designed specifically for self-driving vehicle projects.The contrast in a street scene — especially at night — can be more than a standard camera’s sensor can handle.

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Waymo now offering free rides in self-driving cars for Phoenix residents

Posted on 04/25 20:12 in Shows | 0

These vehicles have been cruising around the streets of Phoenix for the better part of a year, and now locals can request rides in the Waymo cars.There’s no cost for the program, but Waymo wants all the consumer feedback it can get.

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