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Galaxy Note 7 fire injures child as Samsung amps up recall rhetoric

Posted on 09/12 21:11 in Shows | 0

On Saturday evening, a six-year-old child in Brooklyn NY was injured when the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 he was using caught fire in his hands while he watched a video.The boy has been treated and released, implying that the injuries were relatively minor, but the incident underscores the problem Samsung faces.

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All US carriers now offering smartphone swaps for replaced Galaxy Note 7s

Posted on 10/07 23:06 in Shows | 0

In August, as evidence mounted that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 had a battery-related problem, the major US carriers all announced plans to offer customers trade-ins, store credit, and replacement devices.Earlier this week, we covered a replaced Galaxy Note 7 that ignited without warning on an aircraft flying from Louisville to Baltimore.

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Samsung reportedly suspends Galaxy Note 7 production after multiple replacement phones catch fire

Posted on 10/10 16:31 in Shows | 0

” The trouble started in August, when the first example of a Galaxy Note 7 overheating first made the news.Since then, we’ve heard many reports of Galaxy Note 7s overheating, catching fire, and even exploding.

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The Essential Phone's Exclusive Carrier Will Be Sprint

Posted on 06/12 19:36 in Shows | 0

Now, the company has announced Sprint, and only Sprint, will be the carrier partner for the Essential Phone.While Sprint is the only carrier partner, Essential is selling the device unlocked as well.

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Virgin Mobile Reinvents Phone Subsidies With iPhone-Only Deal

Posted on 06/22 19:21 in Shows | 0

For many of us in the United States, getting a new phone with a massive subsidy every two years was a longtime ritual.It meant that you felt okay about upgrading your phone every two years, even if you really didn’t need a new phone.

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