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Toyota turns to ‘guardian angel’ self-driving cars

Posted on 02/25 12:39 in Shows | 0

But as-needed assistive driving has more promise for the near future because of the challenge of switching quickly from fully autonomous to driver-back-in-control.There Toyota announced the guardian-angel project, reiterated its long-term commitment to fully autonomous driving, and said Toyota will use three R&D facilities in the US, including a new facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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Phase change memory can operate thousands of times faster than current RAM

Posted on 08/15 19:58 in Shows | 0

Conventional DRAM operates at nanosecond timescales, which means phase change memory could theoretically be thousands of times faster than conventional RAM.In theory, phase change memory could eventually present a solution to the so-called memory wall, or memory gap.

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Extreme science: the biggest, fastest and hottest breakthroughs of 2016

Posted on 01/03 22:56 in Shows | 0

Where LCLS-II is like a microscope, used to image specific tiny things, proton colliders like the LHC are closer to sledgehammers.The LHC is operating at the highest energy (13 TeV) and greatest luminosity of any particle accelerator, ever.

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