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Uber, Volvo hook up to create next-generation autonomous cars

Posted on 08/18 21:50 in Shows | 0

” The companies will start with the same base Volvo car platform, do joint work, and also do development separately toward their own goals.Some media outlets have noted that just two days have elapsed since CEO Mark Field’s announcement of driverless Fords with no steering wheel in 2021, and — talk about progress ––  the Pittsburgh Uber/Volvo cars announcement.

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Consumer Reports announces most, least reliable cars — with plenty of surprises

Posted on 10/25 23:32 in Shows | 0

New cars and cars with lots of technology continue to be a challenge for automakers to build and buyers to figure out, according to Consumer Reports’ annual car reliability ratings.They do look cool, but owners’ ratings pushed the Model X into the 10-worst-models ranking and dragged Tesla down to 25 of 29 brands.

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Consumer Reports announces most, least reliable cars - with plenty of surprises

Posted on 10/26 20:42 in Shows | 0

New cars and cars with lots of technology continue to be a challenge for automakers to build and buyers to figure out, according to Consumer Reports’ annual car reliability ratings.Meanwhile, Asian brands led by Lexus and Toyota took seven of the top 10 spots along with Buick (!

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Why MIT is teaming up with Lamborghini: to create even better supercars

Posted on 10/27 15:43 in Shows | 0

Even though Lamborghini is part of the huge Volkswagen family, supercar companies need to continuously improve if they intend to survive and prosper.This week, Lamborghini and Massachusetts of Technology announced a three-year partnership to underwrite 50 students studying abroad in Italy, working with Lamborghini on research and development.

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10 almost-perfect tech cars to buy in 2017

Posted on 01/03 16:37 in Shows | 0

Here are 10 cars with tech savvy you should consider buying in 2017, if you’re in the market.They’re good, they’re worth buying, and like so many of our heroes today, they each have some kind of flaw.

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Ford, Toyota to challenge Apple CarPlay, Android Auto

Posted on 01/05 19:02 in Shows | 0

Right now, Apple CarPlay looks about the same on a $25,000 Chevrolet Cruze (image above) and a $60,000 Audi, to the annoyance of all automakers.Currently, if you have CarPlay, your only navigation choice is Apple Maps; similarly, if you have Android Auto, the only choice is Google Maps.

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CES 2017 delivered a clear vision of the car of the future

Posted on 01/10 20:44 in Shows | 0

A large part of the smartphone’s power is the connection to the cloud to enable new services and experiences across different devices.To that end, automakers — and industry suppliers — are beginning to flesh out their visions of what the “mobility experience” looks like in the future.

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Best cars of CES 2017 - almost the Car Electronics Show

Posted on 01/12 14:58 in Shows | 0

Just as well, because it could almost be called the Car Electronics Show.The North Hall of Las Vegas Convention Center was taken over by the automakers and suppliers, makers of car electronics such as Garmin, and a few resolute makers of aftermarket car speakers.

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Top 10 tech cars of the 2017 Detroit auto show

Posted on 01/13 19:17 in Shows | 0

Here’s our take on the top cars of NAIAS 2017, especially those with technical appeal.The Detroit show’s public days run Saturday, Jan.

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Why you should skip the Toyota Prius for the Prius Prime plug-in hybrid

Posted on 01/19 21:41 in Shows | 0

The mainstream Prius hybrid long ago used up its allocation of federal tax credits.The hybrid Toyota Prius runs $25,730 to $32,585 (with $865 shipping) and ranges from the Prius Two through the Prius Four Touring with the Premium Convenience Package.

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Top 10 cars of the 2017 Chicago Auto Show

Posted on 02/10 22:16 in Shows | 0

The Chicago Auto Show at McCormick Place is the envy of the nation’s auto dealers: the largest attendance of any US auto show, and enough room for multiple indoor test tracks.Still, Chicago generates its fair share of new car introductions (that is, midlife refreshes) as opposed to “all new” cars (a new model), model variants such as convertibles or off-road versions, and hints of new models.

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With Toyota, Nvidia Racks Up Another Autonomous Car Design Win

Posted on 05/12 18:27 in Shows | 0

Multiple platforms in parallel would allow for fully autonomous driving, meaning self-driving on any road.Previously, Mercedes-Benz and Audi agreed to work with Nvidia on autonomous driving.

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Was the 24-Hour Le Mans Endurance Race Too Tough on Hybrid Tech?

Posted on 06/20 17:12 in Shows | 0

The winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans Sunday, a Porsche, spent an hour in the pit getting repairs to the hybrid front axle.With the exception of Le Mans, the races run six hours, including a September 16 race in Austin.

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How Self-Driving Cars Work, and When They'll Get Real

Posted on 07/11 17:53 in Shows | 0

The first truly hands-off, self-driving cars will be here within five years.A couple automakers say they’ll have higher-level autonomous cars for sale late this year or next.

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Toyota Unveils Solid-State Battery Design for EVs

Posted on 07/26 15:51 in Shows | 0

Now, Toyota is apparently hoping to leapfrog its competitors and introduce a solid state lithium-ion battery.According to the Japanese newspaper Chunichi Shimbun (via Reuters), Toyota wants to bring solid-state electrolyte batteries to market by 2022, with a charge time measured in minutes.

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Best Cars of the 2017 Frankfurt Auto Show

Posted on 09/15 16:12 in Shows | 0

The massive Frankfurt Auto Show once again displayed the might of the German auto industry.Mercedes-Benz put a Formula 1 engine in a sports car and announced a self-driving EV (two birds, one stone).

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