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New eHorizon system warns of road hazards just around the corner

Posted on 08/05 19:43 in Shows | 0

It will build on information gleaned from cars ahead that is sent via smartphone to the cloud, then passed on to nearby vehicles.But today, just about everyone has a smartphone, something eHorizon could leverage quickly.

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Feds push hard for vehicle-to-vehicle communication, at least until Jan. 20

Posted on 12/14 16:52 in Shows | 0

Using dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) radios, the cars would exchange information up to 10 times a second and share the most crucial information with the driver.Each car would digest the information and issue warnings about a car crossing from the left (photo above), or all the traffic ahead suddenly slowing.

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CES 2017 delivered a clear vision of the car of the future

Posted on 01/10 20:44 in Shows | 0

A large part of the smartphone’s power is the connection to the cloud to enable new services and experiences across different devices.To that end, automakers — and industry suppliers — are beginning to flesh out their visions of what the “mobility experience” looks like in the future.

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