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This week in space: NASA fact-checks the Enterprise, Curiosity controls its own laser, and Ceres’ mysterious remodeling

Posted on 07/29 17:15 in Shows | 0

Here’s what happened this week, in case you missed it the first time around.A remote update gave the Curiosity rover’s AI control over which rocks to vaporize with its on-board laser.

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Cold, mysterious, and also sad: this week in space

Posted on 01/20 20:15 in Shows | 0

Elsewhere in the solar system, the latest data from Pluto shows us evidence of jagged, spiky, needle-like surface features called “penitentes.Lead author John Moores says these penitentes may well be found in other locations across the solar system.

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NASA develops new hell-resistant electronics for a mission to Venus

Posted on 02/14 19:50 in Shows | 0

It’s hard to think of Venus without thinking of that story, because it captures something essential about Earth’s “evil twin.Bradbury knew Venus would be an awful place to live, but he didn’t know how punishing conditions on Venus actually are.

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