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IBM, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon form enormous AI partnership

Posted on 09/29 18:56 in Shows | 0

IBM, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon have all signed on as marquis members, though the group hopes to expand even further over time.The goal is to create a body that can provide a platform for discussions among stakeholders and work out best practices for the artificial intelligence industry.

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Specialized processors might reignite performance scaling, but they’ll also change the nature of computing forever

Posted on 10/04 14:44 in Shows | 0

Modern CPU scaling has largely flatlined, thanks to a combination of scaling challenges, intrinsic limits to silicon performance, and a general shift in the market towards lower power devices.To demonstrate, here’s a graph of Apple iPhone single-core CPU performance in Geekbench 2 and Geekbench 3.

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Your next car may be the most powerful computer you own

Posted on 10/05 16:36 in Shows | 0

Increasingly, though, new cars are powerful computing platforms — and starting to pack more compute power than laptops and even desktops.Coupled with an internal monitor, the result would be a more aerodynamic profile for the car, especially helpful for range-hungry electric vehicles.

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In a historic moment for AI, computers gain ability to generalize learning between activities

Posted on 10/24 18:39 in Shows | 0

However, one pièce de résistance has always remained: No matter how good at prediction a neural network became, it lacked the ability to generalize that ability to learning new tasks.Now, for the first time, a neural network has achieved it.

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MIT demonstrates nightmare-fuel AI just in time for Halloween

Posted on 10/26 21:09 in Shows | 0

Putting machine learning to a novel use as a social experiment, MIT’s Media Lab has debuted an AI that churns out nightmare-fuel images, just in time for Halloween.We seem to have an inexhaustible appetite for being creeped out, jangled or outright scared, and the Nightmare Machine is quite the creepy fix.

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Google Brain's neural-net AI dreams up its own encryption strategy

Posted on 10/27 16:47 in Shows | 0

The company’s neural net/machine learning project, Google Brain, has been working on problems in medical imaging, robotics, and natural language processing, among others.It’s a machine-learning company,” Matthew Zeiler, a Google Brain alumnus, told Wired.

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MIT makes breakthrough in morality-proofing artificial intelligence

Posted on 11/01 18:03 in Shows | 0

But the difficulty is compounded when they involve artificial neural networks.Towards this end, researchers at MIT are investigating ways of making artificial neural networks more transparent in their decision-making.

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Blizzard, Google team up to teach next-generation AIs how to play Starcraft II

Posted on 11/08 15:42 in Shows | 0

Now, Blizzard is teaming up with Google to create a next-generation AI capable of playing an actual computer game: Starcraft II.One critical difference between game AI and the type of AI that DeepMind and Blizzard want to build is that game AI doesn’t really learn.

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Nvidia absolutely crushes its quarterly earnings, has its first $2 billion quarter

Posted on 11/11 23:17 in Shows | 0

Other sources, like Quadro, grew a modest 9%, but nothing like the leap that gaming GPUs saw.Data center revenue grew by 59% as well, though this was much smaller in absolute terms ($230 million in data center sales, versus over $1 billion in gaming revenue).

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Can artificial intelligence solve America’s crisis of democracy?

Posted on 11/15 21:53 in Shows | 0

But this same local control makes it difficult to implement the kinds of systems that would help voters better understand issues.Even ballot design is typically controlled locally, and is limited to whatever local officials draw up and their own printers can print.

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Stephen Hawking warns humanity may only have 1,000 years left

Posted on 11/18 13:43 in Shows | 0

Famed theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking has spent his life pondering big questions about the wider universe.In recent years, he’s turned his attention closer to home, talking about AI, climate change, alien invasion, and other threats to the future of humanity.

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Intel announces major AI push with upcoming Knights Mill Xeon Phi, custom silicon

Posted on 11/21 14:12 in Shows | 0

The upcoming Knights Mill is still pretty hazy, but Intel has stated that the chip will be up to 4x faster than existing Knights Landing hardware.Right now, the company is working on three separate forays into the AI / deep learning market.

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Scientists discover nature's algorithm for intelligence

Posted on 12/08 17:22 in Shows | 0

Throughout the ages, one old chestnut has stubbornly resisted yielding up its secret: the organizational principle behind the human brain.Joe Tsien, think they may be onto the answer with a recent paper published in the journal Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience.

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AMD launches Radeon Instinct GPUs to tackle deep learning, artificial intelligence

Posted on 12/12 16:11 in Shows | 0

It’s still fairly early days for the AI and deep learning markets, and AMD could definitely use the cash — but what’s it going to bring to the table?(It’s not clear how much AI and deep learning workloads depend on RAM, but AMD presumably wouldn’t sell the chip into this market if it didn’t have a viable use-case for it.

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Evernote's new privacy policy lets employees read your notes, uses customer data for machine learning

Posted on 12/16 13:39 in Shows | 0

First, Evernote announced that beginning on January 23, 2017, customer data will be used to train machine learning algorithms that Evernote believes will enhance its service.Second, Evernote added a clause to its privacy policy notifying customers that their data could be accessed by Evernote employees under certain circumstances.

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Robots are developing emotions, thanks to engineers at Honda

Posted on 12/19 16:59 in Shows | 0

Not surprisingly, the technology will first see use in a self-driving concept car Honda is developing called the NeuV (pictured, top).However, there is little reason to believe such a system would not find broader application in robots, like Pepper, that are specifically designed for human-robot interaction.

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Poker-playing AI threatens to unseat a raft of Texas Hold'em champions

Posted on 01/09 16:44 in Shows | 0

” But this speaks more to our ability to deceive ourselves than it does to any technological intent.That could all change come January 11 when a Carnegie Mellon poker-playing AI will face off against some of the best poker minds at the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh, PA.

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Best cars of CES 2017 - almost the Car Electronics Show

Posted on 01/12 14:58 in Shows | 0

Just as well, because it could almost be called the Car Electronics Show.The North Hall of Las Vegas Convention Center was taken over by the automakers and suppliers, makers of car electronics such as Garmin, and a few resolute makers of aftermarket car speakers.

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