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Missing MH370 pilot conducted suicide flight simulations over Indian Ocean

Posted on 07/27 15:22 in Shows | 0

The FBI was able to recover six deleted data points that had been stored in Microsoft Flight Simulator X.Once the fuel tanks were exhausted, the aircraft would’ve plunged into the sea.

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New evidence suggests Amelia Earhart died as a castaway on a desert island

Posted on 11/02 15:15 in Shows | 0

But — and this is critical — these skeleton measurements are the merest tip of the iceberg as far as the evidence TIGHAR has encountered.After a review of the evidence TIGHAR has found to date, I personally find the Nikumaroro hypothesis extremely credible.

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MIT's ultra-light composite morphing aircraft wing harkens back to the Wright brothers

Posted on 11/07 16:24 in Shows | 0

Rather than wires and pulleys to reshape canvas-covered wood pieces, this wing uses a high-strength foil on an aluminum frame.The new composite wing would do away with weight and complexity of flaps and ailerons.

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Boom Technologies unveils its new supersonic jet prototype

Posted on 11/16 23:09 in Shows | 0

Back in the late 1960s, British and French airlines formed an alliance to build a new, supersonic passenger jet.For the past 13 years, we’ve had no supersonic jets in-service with any airline — but Boom Technologies is hoping to change that.

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Take a look inside SOFIA, NASA's flying telescope

Posted on 12/06 22:24 in Shows | 0

) No, it’s actually SOFIA, the plane-mounted telescope with a remarkable history.Originally designed as a Boeing 747SP widebody, the SOFIA aircraft was built on a modified 747 airframe with a stripped-down fuselage, to save weight on the ultra-long flights for which it was developed.

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