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FBI’s iPhone hack limited to the iPhone 5c, earlier devices

Posted on 10/30 23:02 in Shows | 0

While the FBI may have found a workaround in this case, the solution is an imperfect one, according to FBI Director James Comey.” The fact that the technique doesn’t work on devices later than the iPhone 5c suggests Apple’s implementation of ARM’s TrustZone technology (Apple calls its specific flavor Secure Enclave) is blocking the FBI’s hacking attempts on more modern devices.

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Supreme Court grants FBI decentralized warrants, power to hack suspects anywhere

Posted on 12/09 12:15 in Shows | 0

On Thursday, the US Supreme Court passed a proposed change to Rule 41 of the Federal Rules for Criminal Procedure, one of the main bodies of law that governs the powers and behavior of the FBI.The new version of Rule 41, approved on Thursday, removes the requirement in cases where the suspect’s location cannot be realistically obtained.

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Facebook plans to track which stores you shop at, report data to advertisers

Posted on 06/17 18:56 in Shows | 0

If you visit a partner store after seeing an ad for the company’s products, Facebook will know it.What does appear to be new, however, is Facebook’s ability to track whether ads result in actual sales.

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Apple opens iPhone kernel to improve performance without reducing security

Posted on 06/24 16:15 in Shows | 0

For the last few years, Apple has made security and privacy cornerstones of its iOS development process.While that case ended without resolving the core question at hand, the FBI dropped the case because it claimed it now had access to the data it wanted from the iPhone — even without Apple’s help.

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MIT researchers devise a secure anonymity network that’s 10x faster than Tor

Posted on 07/18 18:55 in Shows | 0

Researchers from MIT and the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne have come up with a new and secure anonymity network that could prove better than Tor.This shuffling approach is why the project has the name it does: Servers riffle the traffic like shuffling randomizes a deck of cards.

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Your privacy at risk: Verizon reportedly close to purchasing Yahoo’s Internet business

Posted on 07/22 23:07 in Shows | 0

Now, there’s talk that Verizon and Yahoo are close to a deal for the company’s core Internet properties.Bloomberg reports that Verizon is buying Yahoo’s core Internet business and its real estate holdings for an estimated $5 billion.

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FBI, cybersecurity experts investigating potential Russian ties to DNC email leak

Posted on 07/25 20:23 in Shows | 0

” That report claimed the hackers so thoroughly penetrated the DNC’s servers that they gained complete access to email and chat traffic.At the time, the Post reported that the hackers might have had access to the DNC’s servers for up to a year.

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The ultimate guide to staying anonymous and protecting your privacy online

Posted on 08/01 15:53 in Shows | 0

It uses a vast network of computers to route your Web traffic through a number of encrypted layers to obscure the origin of the traffic.If the results show the third-party DNS service you’re using (like TorGuard), you’re set.

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Yahoo applies for patent on mass surveillance system the Soviets would envy

Posted on 10/14 17:53 in Shows | 0

On March 31, 2015 Yahoo applied for a patent with implications that would make the Stasi sit up and cheer.The patent abstract is reprinted below, and at first glance it doesn’t read all that badly.

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Upcoming Windows 10 update reduces spying, but Microsoft is still mum on which data it specifically collects

Posted on 01/19 22:36 in Shows | 0

There’s some good news for privacy-minded individuals who haven’t been fond of Microsoft’s data collection policy with Windows 10.When the upcoming Creators Update drops this spring, it will overhaul Microsoft’s data collection policies.

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Vizio to pay $2.2 million to the FTC for unprecedented spying on US customers

Posted on 02/07 14:52 in Shows | 0

While the company patched that specific problem after it was publicly disclosed by third parties, the FTC opened an investigation into the company’s behavior more generally.That’s precisely what the FTC found: Defendants facilitate the provision of demographic information to third parties about VIZIO television viewers.

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