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Should You Care About The iPhone X?

Posted on 09/12 23:01 in Deals | 0

Remember, it's the iPhone "ten," not the iPhone "ex," but it's Apple's hottest new thing either way.If you're like me and enjoy phones without being obsessed with their particularities, it's worth wondering whether or not we should actually care about the iPhone X.

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New Apple Watch Adds Cellular, Carriers Ready to Charge You for It

Posted on 09/13 00:40 in Shows | 0

The Apple Watch Series 3 looks a lot like the existing watch, but it has a cellular data option.The new Apple Watch looks identical to the second-generation watch from the outside, which in itself is an impressive feat of engineering when you consider all the new stuff inside.

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Apple iPhone X vs. iPhone 8 Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Specs Compared

Posted on 09/13 13:38 in Shows | 0

This suggests Apple might be downclocking the cluster compared with its dual-core A10 predecessor, but has added cores to compensate.In raw specs, the Galaxy Note 8 wins on screen size, resolution, and expandability.

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Apple's 4K Content Pricing Strategy is a Very Smart Move

Posted on 09/13 15:24 in Shows | 0

At its launch event yesterday, Apple announced a bold new strategy that could give it a leadership position in a critical market.I’m speaking, of course, about Apple’s new 4K content strategy.

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iPhone X Rollout Means In-Car Wireless Charging Will Be Standard (Eventually)

Posted on 09/13 22:51 in Shows | 0

Never mind that dozens of Android phones already embed wireless charging.US automakers have deployed, slowly, wireless charging in their cars as far back as 2013, on a handful of models.

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What to Expect From Apple's Neural Engine in the A11 Bionic SoC

Posted on 09/14 16:50 in Shows | 0

There are multiple types of machine learning.Facial recognition is a major research area for deep learning, machine learning, and AI.

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Apple Quietly Increases Cost of iPhone Screen Repairs

Posted on 09/19 16:08 in Shows | 0

All the company’s phones from the last few years will now cost you $20 extra if you need a screen replacement.For the smaller iPhone 6s and 7, a screen replacement runs you $149, up from $129 a few weeks ago.

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iPhone 8 and 8 Plus Review Roundup: Great Phones No One Thinks You Should Buy

Posted on 09/19 22:46 in Shows | 0

The Verge’s review headline refers to the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus as “The default option,” and notes “If you know what an iPhone is and you want one, then the iPhone 8 is exactly that, one tick farther down the line.The funny thing is, everyone pretty much agrees the iPhone 8 is a great phone.

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Apple's New A11 Bionic Packs One Hell of a Wallop

Posted on 09/20 14:54 in Shows | 0

For the past five years, Apple has built its own CPU cores and marched to the beat of its own unique drum.Little and up to eight CPU cores, Apple has stuck to a high-performance dual-core architecture.

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Rumor: Intel Has Pushed 10nm Cannon Lake Back to 2018

Posted on 09/20 22:12 in Shows | 0

There are multiple reports Intel has pushed Cannon Lake back into 2018, though evidence is scant on the ground.And yes — we’ve compared the image hosted on PatentlyApple with the image Intel released six months ago.

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You Can't Completely Disable Wi-Fi or Bluetooth From iOS 11's Control Center

Posted on 09/21 17:18 in Shows | 0

Starting with iOS 11, disabling Bluetooth and Wi-Fi from the Control Center will not shut them off.The iOS Control Center is a menu that appears when you swipe upwards from the bottom-center of the device.

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The iPhone 8 Debuts to Weak Demand, Uncertain Interest

Posted on 09/22 20:53 in Shows | 0

But if early lines and sales are any indication, the iPhone 8 isn’t what the public wants.At store after store, the crowds that usually line up overnight to purchase a new iPhone were nowhere to be found.

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