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This multi-port accessory adds back everything Apple removed from the latest MacBook Pro

Posted on 12/06 15:05 in Shows | 0

Apple’s new MacBook Pro is a dongle-happy mess for anyone who uses peripherals manufactured prior to 2017, since the system only supports Thunderbolt 3 by default.Enter the HyperDrive — an all-in-one Kickstarter project that hopes to replicate all of the ports that are missing on the current MacBook Pro in a single product.

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Apple says iPhone 6s battery failures are caused by 'ambient air' exposure

Posted on 12/06 20:27 in Shows | 0

Regardless of whether or not you like the iPhone, you have to admit Apple’s hardware has always been impeccably well designed.First was “touch disease,” which Apple refused to acknowledge for ages, and now there’s the unexpected shutdown issue.

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Apple's MacBook Pro with Touch Bar has some massive battery life problems

Posted on 12/08 13:44 in Shows | 0

If you can live with the restrictions Apple puts on the MacBook Pro and don’t mind the price, most reviews have suggested these are solid follow-ups, with the Touch Bar offering some interesting capabilities and long-term potential.Now that laptops are shipping in volume, however, some readers are chiming in about massive battery life problems.

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Apple's Official 'Best Apple TV Apps Of 2016' Revealed

Posted on 12/13 17:20 in Deals | 0

With the end of 2016 hurtling into view, Apple has decided the time is right to assemble its annual list of what its editorial team judges to be the finest games and apps available for Apple TV over the past 12 months.Past experience suggests, however, that Apple’s editorial selections are a genuinely useful way of helping you sort the wheat from the chaff when trying to wrestle with Apple TV’s huge app collection.

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Apple 'fixed' the MacBook Pro's battery life issue by removing the 'time remaining' clock

Posted on 12/14 14:08 in Shows | 0

You’ll still get a report on the percentage of battery life remaining, but nothing else.The battery life issue remains puzzling, however, despite Apple’s apparent lack of interest in investigating the topic.

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Starting today, San Francisco residents can hail a self-driving Uber

Posted on 12/15 00:05 in Shows | 0

But they’ve always felt like a pie-in-the-sky technology rather than a product that could be right around the proverbial corner.It’s not the first time Uber has deployed self-driving cars, but bringing the technology to San Francisco, where Uber was founded, undoubtedly has particular meaning to the company.

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After a year of setbacks, can smartwatches still succeed?

Posted on 12/16 16:47 in Shows | 0

Regular people wanted (and still want) smartphones, but what if they don’t (and never will) want a smartwatch?The Pebble Time 2 and Pebble Core campaign was a big success, at least by the standards of Kickstarter.

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Apple CEO promises fresh Mac hardware, as report shows Apple is ignoring its desktops, MacOS

Posted on 12/21 13:36 in Shows | 0

First, Tim Cook made several posts to an Apple employee bulletin board, detailing Apple’s thinking on thinking on both desktops and the intersection between hardware and software design.According to that investigation, Apple has made a number of strategic decisions that took emphasis away from the Mac design teams.

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Apple's new MacBook Pro is the first MacBook Consumer Reports won't recommend

Posted on 12/23 22:35 in Shows | 0

Now, Consumer Reports has refused to recommend the MacBook Pro for the first time ever.The findings are worth quoting directly: The MacBook Pro battery life results were highly inconsistent from one trial to the next.

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Apple now investigating Consumer Reports MacBook Pro battery life results

Posted on 12/27 16:20 in Shows | 0

What we know is that some Apple buyers have reported abnormally low battery life ever since the new MacBooks launched.First, there’s the fact that Apple’s battery life estimates are typically extremely good.

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Why iPhone production isn't coming to the United States

Posted on 12/30 21:44 in Shows | 0

If Apple built them in the US, would that really create many jobs?This extreme specialization is one reason iPhone production would be very difficult to do cheaply in the US.

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The Mac's user share just fell to a five-year low

Posted on 01/06 22:56 in Shows | 0

In the years after it converted to x86 and launched the first Core 2 Duo Macs and Mac Pros, Apple enjoyed increased market share and better Mac business performance.Even after the iPhone and iPad had dwarfed Macintosh sales, it remained a potent additional income stream and Mac market share grew throughout the Great Recession and the decline of the PC market.

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The iPhone was announced 10 years ago, reinventing smartphones, mobile computing

Posted on 01/10 14:22 in Shows | 0

Ten years ago, Steve Jobs announced what has become Apple’s most profitable and defining product: the iPhone.You could argue the iPhone wasn’t really a smartphone at launch, because it didn’t run native third-party apps.

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Apple fixes Safari bug that distorted Consumer Reports battery life tests

Posted on 01/10 22:32 in Shows | 0

Last month, Consumer Reports declared it would not recommend the new MacBook Pro, on account of its poor and highly erratic battery life.It turns out Consumer Reports’ battery life tests were being impacted by a Safari bug, as we had hypothesized was the case.

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Apple removes AirPod finder app from the App Store

Posted on 01/12 22:29 in Shows | 0

There are suddenly a lot of completely wireless earbuds on the market, which are “completely wireless” because there’s no wire connecting the two sides, nor a wire going to your device.It has compensated for that by releasing the AirPods, completely wireless earbuds that will cost you $159.

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Analyst: Apple will offer Kaby Lake MacBook Pros with 32GB RAM this year, but battery life could take a hit

Posted on 01/18 16:48 in Shows | 0

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo with KGI Securities is predicting that Apple will refresh the MacBook Pro this year, with both Kaby Lake processors and a substantial RAM upgrade.It reports that upgrading to Kaby Lake and adding more RAM “could potentially address one criticism some had of the new MacBook Pros: their not-much-improved battery life.

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New Mac malware discovered using antique code to spy on users

Posted on 01/19 20:47 in Shows | 0

The stronger OS X (now macOS) security model and lower market share used to mean it was of no interest to malware creators.Case in point: A new piece of malware has been discovered, but it’s not technically all that new.

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Apple sues Qualcomm for a billion dollars in unpaid rebates, alleges company attempted perjury, extortion

Posted on 01/21 01:37 in Shows | 0

China has also fined Qualcomm for its alleged monopolistic abuses and the FTC filed a lawsuit against QC earlier this week.Among Apple’s complaints, are allegations that it is forced to effectively double-pay Qualcomm, since Qualcomm requires Apple’s manufacturing partners to take out a license to work with Snapdragon hardware, then charges Apple again for a separate license.

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