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Gaming Steve | Gaming Steve Episode 47 – 04.10.2006

Posted on 07/28 14:55 in More | 0

Hey everyone, I’m back!Not only do I finally reveal some new Spore info but I interview Greg Canessa the Group Manager for crazy popular Xbox Live Arcade.

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Wes Copeland breaks Donkey Kong Arcade world record

Posted on 05/09 19:18 in More | 0

But as of May 5th, 2016, Wes Copeland has achieved as close to a perfect high score as anyone has come for the 1981 arcade classic: Donkey Kong.As a result, a maximum high score is possible with the original machines.

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Interview: Culture Attack Studio's Tyler Doak talks about Aces Wild, game development, and designing difficulty

Posted on 05/10 22:29 in More | 0

In 2013,  Culture Attack Studio released Aces Wild: Manic Brawling Action!We spoke with sole developer/artist, Tyler Doak, about the game's influences, his inspirations, and the fine line of game difficulty.

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