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Microsoft Dumps Mobile References, Declares AI Top Priority in 2017

Posted on 08/03 22:29 in Shows | 0

” It’s a phrase he’s used for years, even as he’s shut down Windows Phone manufacturing and essentially killed Microsoft’s mobile ambitions.The latest sign that Windows 10 Mobile is a dead OS walking is courtesy of Microsoft’s annual report.

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$2.9 Million Pizza-Making Robot Still Can't Make Pizza

Posted on 08/16 00:27 in Shows | 0

In the real world, however, our robot designs are much closer to a manufacturing robot on an assembly line than, say, Data (or even Bender).For the past four years, Professor Bruno Siciliano and Prisma Lab in Italy have been trying–and not entirely succeeding–to teach a robot how to make pizza.

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Baidu enters the AI Assistant fray with DuerOS

Posted on 08/24 20:13 in Shows | 0

As if the space wasn’t crowded enough, now the Chinese search giant Baidu is throwing its hat in the ring with a newly minted AI assistant/platform called DuerOS.Let’s pop the hood and see what’s behind DuerOS and where it is likely to take the field.

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The Movidius Myriad X VPU Packs a Custom Neural Compute Engine

Posted on 08/30 13:45 in Shows | 0

The Myriad 2 had 12 of these cores, as shown in the diagram below, while the Myriad X bumps that figure up to 16.But the Myriad X doesn’t just extend the architecture of the Myriad family; it also implements custom hardware specifically intended for neural network inferencing workloads.

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With Your Brain Waves and Virtual Reality, 'The Matrix' May Be Just Around the Corner

Posted on 08/31 15:42 in Shows | 0

Earlier this year, we reported on some of the alternately weird and inspired devices created in pursuit of immersive virtual reality.For the latter, you would probably need to interface directly with a person’s brain, intercepting thoughts directly at their source and translating them into movement within a virtual world.

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Microsoft, Facebook Unveil Open Standard for AI, Deep Learning Networks

Posted on 09/11 15:33 in Shows | 0

As AI and deep learning have gone mainstream, a wide range of companies have announced they’ll bring compatible products to market.But the software that runs on deep learning and AI-specific hardware is still typically a custom solution developed by individual companies.

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Is BabyX the Future of Silicon-Based Life Forms?

Posted on 09/15 19:18 in Shows | 0

In the admittedly futuristic discipline of simulated artificial life form, or animat, research, BabyX is perhaps the most ambitious project to date.A milestone that many pundits had predicted to still be many decades in the future, the advent of BabyX brings a host of moral and philosophical questions regarding artificial life: What are our duties and obligations to silicon-based life forms?

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What Happened to the Tech Job Boom?

Posted on 09/20 15:47 in Shows | 0

Over that same 15-year period, the market value of the five largest tech companies grew from $1.Software has cut middle management layers out of tech companies, too.

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Tesla Working With AMD on Self-Driving Car Processor

Posted on 09/21 14:35 in Shows | 0

A self-driving vehicle win with a company as prominent as Tesla wouldn’t do much for AMD’s bottom line at this point, given Tesla’s low yearly volume, but it’s a potent PR win.One is that whatever AMD is building for Tesla is entirely separate from the technology Nvidia provides, and that the company intends to use both firms.

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