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Nvidia Goes All in for AI With New Volta Architecture

Posted on 05/10 22:02 in Shows | 0

SAN JOSE, CA–A first-time attendee to Nvidia’s flagship GTC conference this week could be forgiven for thinking Nvidia was an AI company.The capstone was the announcement of Nvidia’s new Volta architecture and V100 chip.

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Cray Announces New, AI-Focused Supercomputers

Posted on 05/11 15:55 in Shows | 0

the CS-Storm 500GT supports up to 8x 450W or 10x 400W accelerators, including Nvidia’s Tesla P40 or P100 GPU accelerators.Add-in boards like Intel’s Knights Landing and FPGAs built by Nallatech are also supported in this system, which uses PCI Express for its peripheral interconnect.

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Deep Learning, AI Could One Day Assist in Spotting Cancer

Posted on 05/12 16:53 in Shows | 0

A year ago, the Office of the Vice President started the Cancer Moonshot.The Data Science Bowl is one such program, and awarding its prize is a critical milestone in support of the Cancer Moonshot.

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Google's AlphaGo Defeats World's Top Human Go Player

Posted on 05/23 21:08 in Shows | 0

After defeating several of the top players in the world, the “AlphaGo” AI has now bested Ke Jie, the current Go world champion.It’s possible for a moderately powerful computer to brute force all possible moves.

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Reboot Reality: VR and AR Mark Milestone With New Interactive Exhibit

Posted on 05/26 17:45 in Shows | 0

SAN JOSE — A permanent exhibit at Silicon Valley’s iconic Tech Museum is a rite of passage for technologies.For the fields of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality, which as a group the museum calls XR, it’s happening now even while they’re still in their infancy.

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How to Apply Artificial Intelligence to the HIV/AIDS Pandemic

Posted on 06/12 16:01 in Shows | 0

Now imagine an AI capable of deep learning — one specifically built for medicine, programmed for diagnostics.Group M is just one type of the “first” strain (HIV-1) responsible for the human AIDS pandemic.

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Depressed or Suicidal? AI Algorithm Detects What’s Hidden Beneath the Smile

Posted on 06/15 19:28 in Shows | 0

But when it comes to telling the difference between a person who is suicidal and one who is merely depressed, the signs are much more subtle.To tease out the differences, the researchers looked at a handful of facial gestures displayed by three groups of people – those with suicidal ideation, depressed patients, and a medical control group.

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AI Acquires Spatial Reasoning Abilities, in Another Victory for Our Machine Overlords

Posted on 06/20 18:07 in Shows | 0

The focus of the DeepMind paper concerns spatial reasoning, in particular the ability to grasp the relation of objects to each other.This kind of spatial reasoning has proved difficult for computers, at least until now.

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Google's DeepMind Teaches AI to Navigate a Parkour Course

Posted on 07/12 21:38 in Shows | 0

Google began as a search and advertising company, but its behind-the-scenes efforts have increasingly veered into machine learning and AI.The search giant’s acquisition of DeepMind several years ago boosted its AI research into overdrive, and now we’re beginning to see the benefit in Google’s products.

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Self-Driving Cars Pose Thorny Ethical Questions in AI

Posted on 07/19 19:34 in Shows | 0

For this reason, such thought experiments rarely make any sense, at least so far as they pertain to self-driving cars.Using a multitude of such scenarios, the authors were able to create a value-of-life table for every human, animal, and inanimate object the drivers experienced.

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Elon Musk Warns AI Could Destroy The World

Posted on 07/20 20:05 in Shows | 0

Elon Musk is on the mic warning us about AI once more.He has five kids and keeps them in his life: a daunting task even when you aren’t an international figure.

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