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Intel’s new low-cost Apollo Lake platform: Skylake graphics, new Goldmont CPU

Posted on 03/15 05:38 in Shows | 0

Last week, Intel announced its new Apollo Lake low-cost series of Pentium, Celeron, and Atom products due to launch in the back half of 2016.Prior to the launch of Silvermont / Bay Trail, Intel was more than happy to talk up the new chip’s core counts, performance, and anticipated per-core efficiency increases.

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How Intel lost $10 billion — and the mobile market

Posted on 02/07 10:56 in Shows | 0

How did Intel manage to spend up to $10 billion dollars and have so little show for it?Three of these companies — GlobalFoundries, Samsung, and TSMC — are known as pure-play foundries or merchant foundries.

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Leaked slides imply Intel Goldmont offers 30% better CPU performance, increased battery life

Posted on 06/03 21:20 in Shows | 0

Apollo Lake is built on Intel’s next-generation Goldmont CPU architecture with Skylake-derived graphics, and will debut on a 14nm process.The gap between Silvermont and Goldmont won’t be nearly as large as the difference between Clover Trail and Silvermont, but there’s a simple explanation for that.

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Intel acquires deep learning company, will focus on next-generation AI

Posted on 08/10 14:16 in Shows | 0

Now, Intel is tossing its own hat into the ring by buying the deep learning software and hardware developer Nervana Systems.The company’s third product hasn’t actually launched yet, but it might be the principle reason why Intel bought this company in particular.

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Intel will fab ARM chips for LG on upcoming 10nm foundry node

Posted on 08/17 15:51 in Shows | 0

Now Intel announced that it would begin building 10nm hardware for companies that want to license standard ARM cores.According to ARM, this deal will cover future ARM products, dubbed ARM POP technology (POP is not an acronym).

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Intel launches new Apollo Lake silicon, but new Goldmont CPU architecture may draw significantly more power

Posted on 09/02 15:53 in Shows | 0

Earlier this year, Intel announced that its next-generation Atom architecture, Goldmont, would be confined to netbooks and the low-end of the desktop market.We still don’t know what Intel changed or how Goldmont differs from Airmont — but this plays into the TDP considerations we mentioned above.

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Google may develop custom silicon for future Pixel products, alienating Samsung and other Android vendors

Posted on 10/05 14:02 in Shows | 0

But the $649 and $769 price points for the Pixel (5-inch screen) and Pixel XL (5.The company has reportedly poured significant resources into building a hardware design team.

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Intel details Goldmont CPU architecture at the heart of Apollo Lake

Posted on 11/14 16:11 in Shows | 0

For the past few months, details on the Goldmont architecture (that’s the Atom microarchitecture refresh that replaced Silvermont this year) have been extraordinarily scarce and hard to come by.Three simple integer operations can be executed per cycle and address generation is now out-of-order in Goldmont (Silvermont generated and scheduled memory addresses in-order, but could complete them out-of-order.

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