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Rolling Update: The automobile is the next great app platform

Posted on 10/06 20:39 in Shows | 0

Auto infotainment systems must interface with a variety of proprietary and industry standard protocols that have existed for years.In that respect, automakers have responded by adopting smartphone interface technology in cars, sometimes with mixed results.

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CES 2017 delivered a clear vision of the car of the future

Posted on 01/10 20:44 in Shows | 0

A large part of the smartphone’s power is the connection to the cloud to enable new services and experiences across different devices.To that end, automakers — and industry suppliers — are beginning to flesh out their visions of what the “mobility experience” looks like in the future.

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2018 Mustang: digital dash, 10-speed automatic, turbo four kills the V6

Posted on 01/19 16:16 in Shows | 0

The 2018 Mustang gets major technology enhancements as part of Ford’s mid-life refresh.The 2018 V8 will be more powerful than the current one.

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