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Banner Saga 2 release date set for April 19 - The Banner Saga 2 for PC News

Posted on 08/11 14:03 in More | 0

The game is available to pre-order now on Steam for £13.49, or in a Deluxe Edition containing the game's soundtrack for £17.

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Twitch Prime offering free access to The Banner Saga games, also donating money towards dev of third game

Posted on 02/24 13:18 in More | 0

Twitch Prime will donate $1 to Banner Saga 3 developer Stoic Games for every person who downloads and plays The Banner Saga or The Banner Saga 2 which are being offered free to Prime members.A maximum of $200,000 will be donated.

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The Banner Saga 3 prepares to come full circle on an epic.

Posted on 04/07 16:11 in More | 0

The Banner Saga is an epic in digital form.And, as inevitably as the sun must turn black and sink into the sea, or giant wolves swallow gods whole, The Banner Saga 3, the conclusion to this particular epic, has been planned from the start.

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It’s your last chance to play Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris in Destiny

Posted on 07/28 14:28 in More | 0

The release of Destiny 2 is getting closer and closer each day, so it’s time for the old Destiny to begin winding down before it’s put out to pasture.The weekly Trials of Osiris and monthly Iron Banner PvP events are shutting down soon, as Bungie switches its attentions to the future for the shared-world shooter series.

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