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Batman: Arkham VR is Coming to the Vive and Oculus Rift

Posted on 04/03 18:38 in More | 0

On April 25, the game will be available both headsets, and will support both the Oculus Touch and Vive controllers, along with full gamepad support."Bringing Batman to VR was a very rewarding experience for us here at Rocksteady.

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DST plans a monster Fall with Alien, Marvel, NBX, Pirates, and more

Posted on 04/10 22:00 in More | 0

Diamond Select has a load of stuff heading to stores this Autumn.If you’re in the market for some of the hottest properties around, then you’ll want to have a look.

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Injustice 2 Trailer - Your Battles Your Way

Posted on 04/11 17:00 in More | 0

In the newest trailer from Injustice 2, ‘Your Battles Your Way,’ showcases all the neat gear that is available.The addition of the gear system is a great new way to keep players engaged.

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New Injustice 2 Trailer: Brainiac Makes His Entrance

Posted on 04/20 16:34 in More | 0

In what seems like a daily barrage of trailers, Injustice 2 is revealing its main antagonist with the arrival of Brainiac.The world-destroying alien is arriving on earth and it seems as though no one can stop him.

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Telltale Games unveils new seasons for Batman, The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us

Posted on 07/20 05:44 in More | 0

A new update video from the adventure game developers has revealed new seasons for several of their benchmark properties.In a summer update video streamed July 19, Telltale Games revealed that new seasons for three of its biggest properties were in the works.

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DC Reveals Dark Knights Metal Universe's Evil Batmen

Posted on 07/21 22:50 in More | 0

While readers first learned about The Murder Machine, The Red Death, The Devastator, The Merciless, The Drowned, The Batman Who Laughs and The Dawnbreaker in mid-June, Batman and the rest of the Justice League have yet to discover their existence.But that won’t last long, as DC’s heroes are scheduled to do battles with the denizens of the Dark Multiverse in a series of one-shots arriving in September and November.

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SDCC 2017: New Justice League trailer has no Lanterns, no Kryptonian

Posted on 07/26 18:01 in More | 0

DC’s Justice League unites in this new trailer, battling Steppenwolf and an army of invading Parademons.The Justice League has been around for a long, long time.

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SDCC 2017: Mezco's One:12 expands with Marvel and DC movie figures

Posted on 07/27 16:00 in More | 0

Most of what Mezco had to show off this SDCC was stuff that we’ve already been shown.The teased Thor: Ragnarok figures of Thor and Hulk were on display, as was Spider-Man from Homecoming, and Daredevil from the Netflix show.

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SDCC 2017: The Justice League and more arrive at Sideshow

Posted on 07/27 22:17 in More | 0

Chief among the company’s DC offerings were a full slate of Justice League sixth scale figures.Hitting in November, Justice League is the film that will finally bring all of DC’s biggest heavy hitters together on the big screen.

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The Art of Harley Quinn book on the way from Insight Editions

Posted on 08/04 00:01 in More | 0

Still, I instantly think of what’s perhaps Harley Quinn’s most iconic look whenever I see her name mentioned.Created by Paul Dini for the show and its accompanying comic, Harley has gone back and forth a bit between hero and villain.

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Season 2 of Telltale's Batman game series kicks off this Tuesday

Posted on 08/04 22:46 in More | 0

We’ve seen the character undergo a fairly big change in the comics, for the better too, but this is a stark departure.It kind of looks like Telltale has crossed old Eddie with Saw, and that makes for a particularly interesting twist.

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Mezco's One:12 Ascending Knight Batman is up for pre-order

Posted on 08/09 21:54 in More | 0

Just shown off at Comic Con, Mezco’s take on an early Batman is ready to pre-order.Officially called the Ascending Knight, the latest addition to the One:12 Collection is a comic-based Batman.

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DC tests its Metal starting this week with the release of Dark Knights

Posted on 08/17 20:01 in More | 0

I’ve read both The Casting and the Metal intro issues, and I’m still not 100% sure what Metal is about.Though, being that this is a Scott Snyder story, I’m sure it won’t stay that way.

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Episode 2 of Batman: The Enemy Within coming in September, sugar

Posted on 08/22 14:19 in More | 0

Telltale has revealed the release date for the second episode of the second series of their episode Batman game.Telltale's Batman: The Enemy Within - Episode Two: The Pact will be out on September 26 for Xbox One, PC and PS4.

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‘There’s no plan to do another’ Batman Arkham game according to Batman's voice actor Kevin Conroy

Posted on 09/11 15:56 in More | 0

The actor Kevin Conroy, best known for his voice role as Batman in the Batman: Arkham series of games, and Batman: The Animated Series, has said that Warner Bros.Interactive Entertainment isn’t making another game in the Arkham series.

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