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Awards 2016 part 1: We pick our 'Genre Bests'

Posted on 01/31 00:01 in More | 0

Part 1 is here today, with our picks for the best of the individual genres for 2016.Yep, 2016 was pretty gigantic, though we tend to say that almost every year.

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Scooby Doo Apocalypse and Detective Comics join DC's Rebirth trade series

Posted on 02/07 00:00 in More | 0

If you’ve been following recent events, then you know that DC Comics has been dabbling in the world of Hanna-Barbera.With Scooby and Flintstones reimaginings already in the stable, the publisher is delving into stuff like Snagglepuss and others, with stories coming up soon.

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'The LEGO Batman Movie' Actually Has Best Batman Movie Storyline In History

Posted on 02/14 16:22 in Deals | 0

I just finished watching The LEGO Batman Movie, which was of course excellent, as reviews indicated and The LEGO Movie prophesied.I doubt anyone will argue that Batman Forever and Batman and Robin had great storylines.

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NeatherRealm Studios Reveals Swamp Thing, Catwoman, Poison Ivy And More For Injustice 2

Posted on 02/15 17:15 in More | 0

NetherRealm Studios reveals five new characters for the upcoming Injustice 2.Starting off the character reveals was the mossy green giant, Swamp Thing.

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Flash and Batman delve into the mystery of Watchmen this April

Posted on 02/17 01:24 in More | 0

It was then that we saw that the Watchmen are now influencing the DCU proper in some way.It’s been rumored, among other things, that Doctor Manhattan himself might have huge part to play.

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Sideshow Collectibles celebrates Batman's Birthday on February 19th

Posted on 02/17 22:50 in More | 0

Did you know that February 19th is Bruce Wayne’s birthday?Well it is, and Sideshow Collectibles would like to invite you to a shindig.

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Toy Fair 17: NECA packs Turtles, Evil Dead, Marvel/DC and more

Posted on 02/20 16:01 in More | 0

In particular, the incredible Evil Dead 2 two pack that’s coming.I know this isn’t the final retail version, but man does that look like the Evil Dead 2-era Bruce.

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Toy Fair 17: Marvel and DC One:12 dominate at Mezco

Posted on 02/21 22:02 in More | 0

With a line this all-encompassing, it’s kind of hard not to compare it to the classic Mego line.And yes, I know that One:12 is light years more advanced than Mego ever could have hoped to have been, but there are some similarities.

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DC reveals the return of the original Flash in new cover image

Posted on 02/25 17:30 in More | 0

Not just the final installment of the four-part Batman/Flash ‘Watchmen’ crossover, it’s also the return of Jay Garrick.Today we’ve got another cover from the series’ lenticular variants (which you can see to the right).

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Dr. Fate Joins Injustice 2

Posted on 03/02 17:24 in More | 0

Another long rumored character is joining the cast of Injustice 2, Dr.During the discovery, the Sven is killed while the spirit of Nabu is reanimated.

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New Character Reveals In Injustice 2 Trailer

Posted on 03/09 18:27 in More | 0

The new trailer for Injustice 2 showcases a lot of returning characters for the series.During ‘Shattered Alliances Part 2,’ the following characters can be seen during the what will be the story mode.

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Mario and Luigi named third most one-sided fictional double act

Posted on 03/22 11:07 in More | 0

Nintendo's iconic Mario and Luigi pairing have been voted the third most one-sided fictional double act in a survey conducted by YouGov.The plumbing brothers saw 55 per cent of those familiar with the pairing prefer Mario, with only 11 per cent choosing Luigi.

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cast 07/21/2015

Posted on 03/24 16:18 in More | 0

When Brad's away, you'll get to play.a new episode of the Giant Bombcast, that is!

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The first Justice League trailer has arrived

Posted on 03/25 18:25 in More | 0

The first official trailer for this Fall’s DC Comics Justice League film is finally here.So again, Justice League had to make a splash.

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