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New probe measures electrical activity of hundreds of individual neurons in living brains

Posted on 10/25 19:01 in Shows | 0

To move beyond historically difficult and damaging methods of taking these readings, researchers from Caltech have demonstrated a minimally invasive probe for doing in vivo electrophysiology: real-time electrical recordings of living nerves in the brain.The probe can measure electrical activity in three dimensions, which could be a huge breakthrough for our understanding of cognition and neural activity.

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'Locked-in' ALS patients get a voice thanks to this new mind-reading machine

Posted on 02/07 21:11 in Shows | 0

Now researchers from Europe have used a brain-computer interface to communicate with four completely locked-in ALS patients.Locked-in syndrome means that patients can’t communicate, even though they’re still “in there.

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Elon Musk wants to implant an AI interface in your brain

Posted on 03/28 16:36 in Shows | 0

Toward that goal, and with a happy side effect of therapeutic benefits for certain brain disorders, Elon Musk has been funding a company called Neuralink that wants to implant an AI interface in your brain.It has to be stressed here that brain implants are not a casual undertaking.

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