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CS:GO Lotto owners pulled into lawsuit against Valve

Posted on 07/08 21:49 in More | 0

YouTubers Tom “ProSyndicate” Cassell and Trevor “TmarTn” Martin, the revealed owners of CS:GO betting website CS:GO Lotto, have now reportedly been roped into a legal battle started with Valve over the very thing they’ve been promoting: underage gambling.Now in legal terms, nothing either Valve of these two chaps have done in that regard is technically illegal at this point.

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The Unworthy Thor is “the next step” in the grand saga of the Odinson

Posted on 08/05 12:28 in More | 0

Stripped of his hammer, judged unworthy to be Thor and in desperate need of a helping hand after a run-in with Malekith and some ice giants (heh).But the Odinson is coming back with a new comic this year, to prove himself worthy again.

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Rumour – ARK: Survival Evolved is getting an expansion called Scorched Earth

Posted on 08/23 01:15 in More | 0

Throughout this whole Early Access period, Studio Wildcard have released regular streams of additional content.Let’s just say that in terms of raw content, ARK: Survival evolved seems to be ok.

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An update on Phantoml0rd–Bring on the lawsuits

Posted on 08/29 02:12 in More | 0

It’s been a while since we’ve covered the unfolding gambling drama, mainly because Valve have since shut down all CS:GO and Dota 2 cosmetic gambling.There was a press release sent out which detailed more than 30 people suing various entities involved in the big CSGO Gambling drama, and it’s about time.

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Ditto Is Live In 'Pokémon GO' And You Might Have Already Caught Him

Posted on 11/23 04:59 in Deals | 0

The other day it seemed like Ditto was about to be released into Pokémon GO thanks to some newly mined data after a recently, seemingly innocuous update.So far, it seems that some of the most common Pokémon are the ones secretly hiding Ditto.

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From Star Wars To Shopkins, These Are The Toys You're Looking For This Season

Posted on 11/25 23:00 in Deals | 0

If you haven’t been seasonal shopping for the kids in your life, you’d better start.But what toys are in this season?

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There's Never Been A Better (Or Cheaper) Time To Get On The Payload And Play 'Overwatch'

Posted on 11/28 12:01 in Deals | 0

If you already own Overwatch but haven’t been playing lately, it’s time to fire it back up.If, for some inexplicable reason, you don’t own Overwatch yet, there’s no more excuses.

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'Mafia III' Should Have Copied 'The Last Of Us' Instead Of 'GTA V'

Posted on 12/14 19:46 in Deals | 0

The Last Of Us tells us a story that has a beginning, middle and end, and it does so by pushing us forward relentlessly from one mission to the next.Think of games like Dishonored 2 or Deus Ex: Mankind Divided with their multi-pronged approaches.

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Mini NES Classic Edition Sold Nearly 200,000 Units In The US In November

Posted on 12/16 15:52 in Deals | 0

The mini NES Classic Edition has become the hot gift this holiday season, but it's always been a bit hard to tell exactly how supply and demand are shaking out for Nintendo's retro console.It's a big number, and it's not so big a number.

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How Oculus Lost Market Leadership -- And How It Can Win It Back

Posted on 12/20 18:10 in Deals | 0

On March 25th 2014, Facebook’s $2 billion acquisition of Oculus sparked life in the Virtual Reality industry.A third, dominant entrant, made things even harder for Oculus to retain its leadership position.

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This Fake Nonprofit Has Been Accused Of Spying On Real Human Rights Activists

Posted on 01/01 04:36 in Deals | 0

Non-profits working on human rights across the Gulf states were not surprised, then, that a small group of unknown British and French activists set up a group called Voiceless Victims.Next to the article was a link to an apparent feature on Voiceless Victims' work on labor rights.

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My Top Ten Video Games Of 2016

Posted on 01/01 18:39 in Deals | 0

We will have a compiled Forbes Games “Best of 2016” list online soon, but a lot of people have been asking me what my own favorite games of the year have been.Without further ado, to start the new year, here are my ten best video games of 2016.

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'Borderlands 3' Feels Like Its Missing Its Moment

Posted on 01/03 17:33 in Deals | 0

And yet, now that the genre is more popular than ever, it feels like this founding father is constantly left out of the conversation.I can’t imagine we’ll see Borderlands 3 until well into 2018, and who knows what the market will be like at that point.

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The 'Elite Dangerous' Alien Discovery Is One Of The Coolest Gaming Events I've Ever Seen

Posted on 01/06 16:21 in Deals | 0

For years, players have been searching for alien life in the game, but other than ruins and hints and references in past Elite games, nothing has turned up.That all changed yesterday as players have been getting pulled out of hyperspace (which should be impossible) and are coming face to face with giant, beautiful, terrifying alien ships.

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Today's The Last Day Of Pokémon GO's Best (And Most Profitable) Holiday Event To Date

Posted on 01/08 16:09 in Deals | 0

I thought I would be remiss if I didn’t remind Pokémon GO players that this is the last day of the second half of the game’s big holiday event, one that actually turned out to be its best limited-time offering to date, and its most profitable to boot.So far, Pokémon GO has had Halloween, Thanksgiving and now this Christmas/Hanukah/New Year’s event, and I have to say, this one has been my favorite so far.

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How Past Presidents Failed To Save The Industrial Midwest

Posted on 01/10 18:27 in Deals | 0

First President-Elect Donald Trump appeared to have bullied Carrier air conditioning company to keep hundreds of jobs in Indiana that otherwise would have been moved to Mexico.Now he's had similar success with Ford.

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2017 Music Preview: 100+ Notable Upcoming Albums

Posted on 01/14 20:56 in More | 0

Listed below are over 100 of the most noteworthy albums expected to arrive in 2017.Release dates (when available) are for the U.

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You Should Check To See If Blizzard Has Given You 'StarCraft 2' For Free

Posted on 01/23 16:59 in Deals | 0

So much so, in fact, that you might actually have a free copy of the game waiting for you in your client to find the StarCraft icon blinking, and when they go there, they’re greeted with a message that they’ve been given a free game, Wings of Liberty.

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