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Bringing back the mountains

Posted on 10/23 20:28 in More | 0

At any rate, I've taken up the Quest Map UI again.Back then, I started playing with representations of hex tiles modeled as hills, mountains, etc.

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Nintendo Switch "will resonate strongly" with the UK audience

Posted on 02/24 11:13 in More | 0

Nintendo Switch will "resonate strongly" with the tech loving UK population, Nintendo's UK's general manager Nicolas Wegnez has told MCV."We will do our best to help the UK population understand and experience what makes Nintendo Switch different and unique, as we truly believe this product can help Nintendo continue on its mission to expand the video game population," explained Wegnez.

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DevLog #11 - Greenlight Magic Number? -

Posted on 03/09 07:01 in More | 0

The popular belief among developers running Greenlight campaigns is that there is no hard set yes vote threshold for which a title would likely be greenlit.However, I personally believe that threshold to be around 350 yes votes.

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