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nananananananana BOAT MATH! Surface-based shipbuilding game "tech demo?" -

Posted on 01/21 14:26 in More | 0

This is a project I started in Unreal Engine 4 a while back, got fed up with, dropped for a few months, and finally came back to.The project began in a Discord channel of a role-playing group for a game called From the Depths.

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DevLog #10 - Visual Studio 2017! -

Posted on 03/08 07:48 in More | 0

I always complained on how slow Visual Studio 2015 was to load and show intellisense in our C++ UE4 project "The Harvest".I was ecstatic when I went to the Visual Studio website to go get the 2017 version!

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Optimising my scripting language -

Posted on 03/21 12:09 in More | 0

Decided I needed a break from graphics programming so decided to revisit Om, my scripting language.Haven't tested it yet with really deep trees of object-references though so we'll see.

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Stitched on Steam Greenlight -

Posted on 04/06 09:10 in More | 0

We are a small team of developers that share a passion to innovate and create special new contents.After many sessions, we finally came up with a game idea.

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'Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy' Has Only Thing Missing

Posted on 06/30 23:12 in Deals | 0

” Well, for starters, Nickelodeon was still really good, and SNICK was an unmissable weekend ritual.Dunk-a-Roos were a staple in my school lunch box, as were Shark Bites and Capri Sun.

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