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Beware Black Friday Shoppers Who May Have An Unfair Advantage In Your Fight For Cheap Electronics

Posted on 11/25 12:04 in Deals | 0

You have to be sharp and alert to compete in the sometimes-violent contest for cheap electronics and other goods that takes place early in the morning at stores around the United States on the day after Thanksgiving.What if you gave yourself an extra unfair advantage?

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List of sites with free/paid game assets (2D,3D,Sounds) -

Posted on 04/07 23:15 in More | 0

org/)Sounds/Sprites 2D/3D Free, CC0 things are free for comerical use, no need to give credits (if chosed CC0 license), very good and Audio mostly free but some are paid, really great site, to be honest Kenney do a great job, he share so much assets for free.

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