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Here’s your first look at Kenan Kong, the new Chinese Super-Man

Posted on 03/26 11:43 in More | 0

And one of them happens to be a young fella from Shanghai and the star of The New Super-Man, Kenan Kong.“One of my first tasks as the New Super-Man writer was to give our lead guy a secret identity, a Chinese civilian name,” New Super-Man writer Gene Luen Yang wrote on the DC blog.

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China Consumer Tech Year In Review: Alibaba, Tencent, LeEco, Wanda Lead The Way

Posted on 12/29 13:00 in Deals | 0

But there is much more to come: consumer spending is expected to rise by 5.2% per year for the next decade.

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'Pokémon Go' Isn't Coming To China Any Time Soon

Posted on 01/10 20:47 in Deals | 0

The augmented-reality location-based mobile game is a hit the world over, but Chinese gamers will have to make do with knock-offs like City Elves Go.Reuters reports that the state censor won't allow the game to launch in China pending an evaluation of potential security and safety risks.

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'Overwatch' Is Smartly Planning A Chinese New Year Event, 'Year of the Rooster'

Posted on 01/19 15:28 in Deals | 0

Despite Blizzard just finishing up a holiday event this past month, it's about to kick off another one in five days, the Year of the Rooster, in order to, you guessed it, celebrate the Chinese New Year.Mei just got a (rather lackluster) legendary skin in the most recent event, but I’m almost certain that she’s about to get another legendary one (this one) for this new event as the only Chinese character.

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Growing China App Market and a Solution for Local and International Developers   -

Posted on 06/12 10:44 in More | 0

In 2015’s app market survey, it was statistically analyzed that China has the largest market to date.Real good developers are present all around the world but not all developers have their apps available on app stores because they are unable to meet certain requirements.

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Hollywood Studios Eye A Growing Market: Chinese Gamers

Posted on 07/06 14:57 in Deals | 0

After wooing Chinese movie-goers for years, Hollywood studios are now setting their sights on a new audience: Chinese both PC and mobile and represents about half of the global market for online games.

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