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Stellaris breaks Paradox records - Stellaris for PC News

Posted on 05/12 12:21 in More | 0

Galactic grand strategy title Stellaris drew in more revenue during its opening day than any game previously released by Paradox, including Cities Skylines, the publisher has announced.Concurrent players are said to have peaked at 68,000 on day one, too, higher than any previous Paradox game.

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UK cities ravaged by time and robotic dinosaurs in Horizon Zero Dawn promotional art

Posted on 02/27 14:06 in More | 0

Sony's marketing team has pulled a blinder once again, this time in the run up to the launch of PS4 exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn.Check the gallery below for Sony's version of what some of the UK's major cities - and their landmarks - would look like in Horizon's post apocalyptic future.

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Cities Skylines celebrates two years and 3.5 million sales with free DLC

Posted on 03/13 11:48 in More | 0

5 million sales milestone for Cities: Skylines by releasing free DLC for all players.Titled Pearls from the East, the new DLC will feature three buildings inspired by Chinese architecture: A Panda Zoo, a Chinese Temple, and the Shanghai Pearl Tower.

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