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OSIRIS-REx is about to go collect (and return) samples from an asteroid

Posted on 05/31 16:40 in Shows | 0

But these days, the big space projects that define the push toward a future in space tend to be iterative.Once successful, pushing away and back toward Earth should be a simple matter by the standards of billion-dollar space projects.

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The Perseids peak this week, and will put on a spectacular show

Posted on 08/10 17:44 in Shows | 0

The Perseids, an annual meteor shower so named because it looks like they come out of the constellation Perseus, peak this week.The Perseids are active from July 13th through August 26th, but they reach a spectacular crescendo during about a five-day window, centered on August 12th.

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So long, Rosetta, and thanks for all the science

Posted on 10/04 18:19 in Shows | 0

This way Rosetta’s radio emissions wouldn’t impede communication with other spacecraft.Like the dozen or so comets we’ve sampled, 67P has more deuterium in its water than does Earth.

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