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2014 Reinventing America Summit | Conferences

Posted on 08/15 06:45 in Deals | 0

Driven by technological advances, innovative manufacturing techniques, the biggest domestic energy boom in a century and a new generation of pragmatic, tested leaders in industry, education and government, the nation’s industrial core is rebounding.Foreign companies from Toyota to Airbus to Fiat are basing their most advanced facilities in the U.

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Khronos Tries To Bring Order To Virtual Reality With VR Standards Initiative

Posted on 12/06 17:01 in Deals | 0

The Khronos Group has been working quietly in the background to gather support for their VR standards initiative and has gathered quite the list of companies that are ready to get involved and move VR standards forward.Ultimately, the VR standards initiative is designed to help hardware and software vendors to work together to define or create a cross-platform, royalty-free open standard for access to VR devices.

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How Companies Like Facebook Use Benefits To Build Millennial Traps

Posted on 02/15 12:03 in Deals | 0

Many businesses are starting to adjust their leave policies to adapt to the ever changing needs of Millennials.This follows the lead that the tech industry has established, improving loyalty and performance by offering in-house perks and flexible time-off policies.

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If you feel your work is a duty you might be in the wrong place. -

Posted on 03/14 17:02 in More | 0

Having gained experience in the field I got hired to work in a company that was just starting to develop their mobile applications suite.Currently I work as a freelancer Unity and Android developer, and I’m just starting in the indie game industry.

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How This FinTech CEO Plans To Prosper In 2017

Posted on 04/14 14:02 in Deals | 0

Since being appointed CEO of Prosper Marketplace late last year, Kimball has stepped outside his former financial role as Prosper's CFO to take on a more operational-driven strategy.Along with FinTech industry guru Ron Suber, Prosper's president, Kimball is intent on growing loan volumes, offering lower average rates compared to traditional lenders, delivering higher returns to investors and returning Prosper to profitability.

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The Business Of Video Games: A Multi Billion Dollar Industry [Infographic]

Posted on 04/29 19:00 in Deals | 0

There are thousands of companies developing and publishing games in all 50 states.Just about everyone that has played video games as a kid dreamed of one day making their own games.

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The secrets behind insanely successful Mobile Games -

Posted on 05/02 08:22 in More | 0

Objective The main objective of this post is to know the secrets that every gaming company should know behind insanely successful Mobile Games.From one game.

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How To Know If Regulation A+ Works To Raise Capital For Your Company

Posted on 05/23 13:58 in Deals | 0

The ability to raise multiple $50 mill Reg A+ offerings in parallel (one for each geographic region) provides an attractive scale for this approach.The lure of increased productivity and convenience, plus the excitement of being on the leading edge make for strong consumer appeal.

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What do you need to launch your app in China -

Posted on 06/12 10:49 in More | 0

But what’s the fastest way to get your app into China and introduce it to the locals there & what do you need to do before you start?Creating a unique app is not an easy task but what’s more difficult is to find most efficient ways to get your app into China and get downloads for mobile app.

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