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Gamers defeated quantum computer in their own games

Posted on 07/28 03:12 in More | 0

Gamer defeated quantum computer in their own quantum tasks.Recently ScienceAtHome, a Danish team of scientists, game developers, designers and artists developed Quantum Moves, a game that lets gamers simulate quantum computing tasks.

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Apple’s stagnant product lines mostly reflect the state of the computer industry

Posted on 08/05 16:15 in Shows | 0

The Mac Mini is nearly two, the high-end workstation Mac Pro is almost three, and the sole remaining non-Retina MacBook Pro is now more than four years old.I thought about writing a similar article last month, but with a specific focus on the Mac Pro.

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Keeping up with technology changes and competing: An introduction -

Posted on 04/11 23:05 in More | 0

Five years ago I had the idea for a great game, movies, etc.though I was a novice in computer graphics, and somewhat adept at programming, and fantastic with engineering ideologies.

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the mystery of 2D vector graphics -

Posted on 04/13 00:33 in More | 0

2D graphics programming is important for a variety of reasons if you want to be a serious developer.Vector graphics are a math based computer graphics technologies that have become popular with artists, designers, and since the recent development of more advanced video graphics technology, are becoming popular in games.

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