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Could the Bitcoin blockchain one day run your entire city?

Posted on 08/03 09:52 in Shows | 0

The smart city is not a pipe dream, but it is a big, intimidating problem.Their main goals are to figure out how to achieve all the blockchain’s core functionality, with no downgrade to security, much, much more quickly and efficiently.

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Google is testing a Chrome browser that adds post-quantum encryption

Posted on 07/12 17:58 in Shows | 0

In a truly forward-thinking move, Google is getting serious about the effort to future-proof internet security: user’s of the tech giant’s test-phase browser, Chrome Canary, can start testing a so-called post-quantum cryptographic technology aimed at making users immune from next-next-generation cryptographic attacks.Enter, post-quantum cryptography and, in the case of this new experiment from Google, a software solution called CECPQ1.

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Electroluminescent diamonds could serve as the heart of quantum networks

Posted on 08/11 17:37 in Shows | 0

But researchers might have solved one of the most challenging problems of quantum communications, by showing that diamonds can be used as ultra-bright single photon emitters.This could bring us a big step closer to the development of quantum computers and secure communication lines that could operate at room temperature for the first time.

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Google Brain's neural-net AI dreams up its own encryption strategy

Posted on 10/27 16:47 in Shows | 0

The company’s neural net/machine learning project, Google Brain, has been working on problems in medical imaging, robotics, and natural language processing, among others.It’s a machine-learning company,” Matthew Zeiler, a Google Brain alumnus, told Wired.

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