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TimeSplitters 2's first two levels are playable in Homefront: The Revolution - Homefront: The Revolution for PS4 News

Posted on 07/11 18:52 in More | 0

The arcade machine can be found in a makeshift prison within the game, and features TimeSplitters 2's 'Siberia' and 'Chicago' levels fully playable on PS4, Xbox One and PC.The developer was later acquired by Crytek and renamed Crytek UK, before being acquired by Deep Silver in 2014 and renamed Dambuster Studios.

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Homefront: The Revolution's quality will 'surprise many people', says Deep Silver boss - Homefront: The Revolution for PS4 News

Posted on 10/20 09:06 in More | 0

"We're going to surprise many people with the quality that product will finally deliver.We had some challenges along the way, but we are determined to establish Homefront as a well-recognised IP in the shooter genre.

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Crytek Releases New Warface Special Operation -- "Anubis"

Posted on 06/07 18:15 in More | 0

The update, Special Operation "Anubis", comes with a brand new set of achievements, bug fixes, improvements for matchmaking, better auto team balancing, and an extra detailed kill log.For a detailed overview of all of the new changes, be sure to check out the Warface Forums.

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Creative Assembly expands with acquisition of Crytek Black Sea

Posted on 03/07 10:07 in More | 0

SEGA has announced the expansion of Creative Assembly thanks to the acquisition of 60-person Bulgarian studio Crytek Black Sea.Formed in 2008, Crytek Black Sea had been working on MOBA Arena of Fate for Crytek.

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